RBI Index

On another discussion group, a guy came up with a measure he calls "rbi index." I have no idea if somebody has come up with something like this before or not (how can anybody keep track of all the stat stuff out there?). Here's his description:

Using Retrosheet data, I looked at every plate apperance in 2011 (2012 isn't up yet). For each of the 24 possible base/out combinations, I figured the average number of RBI's for each situation. For instance, there were 45,331 plate apperances last year with 0 outs and no runners on. In these situations, there were 1226 RBI, all of them the result of solo homeruns. The average RBI in this situation is then .027 (1226 / 45331).

On the other end of the spectrum, there were 2005 plate appearances with the bases loaded and 2 outs. In these situations, there were 1085 RBI. So, the average RBI is 0.5411 (1085 / 2005).

Armed with this data for all 24 base out situations, I figured the expected RBI for every player based on their actual plate apperances. For example, Ryan Braun had 629 plate apperances. He had 127 with 0 outs and no runners on, so an average player would get 3.43 RBI in this situation. Braun had 7 plate apperances with 2 outs and the bases loaded, and the average player would drive in 3.788 runs.

Adding up all the 24 situations (and subtracting out Braun's 2 intentional walks), an average player would drive in 66.34 runs. In actuality, Braun drove in 111 runs. If we take Braun's 111 RBI, divide by 66.34 expected RBI, and multiply by 100, we get 167. That is what I call the RBI index.

So, 2011 leaders:

2011 NL Leaders:

1. Kemp 171
2. Braun 167
3. Berkman 163
4. Fielder 160
5. Pujols 156
6. C.Gonzalez 154
7. Morse 150
8. Votto 147
9. Howard 146
10. C.Jones 146

2011 AL Leaders:

1. Cruz 160
2. Beltre 159
3. Granderson 158
4. Teixeira 153
5. Ellsbury 152
6. Cano 151
7. Trumbo 144
8. Hamilton 143
9. Longoria 142
10. Bautista 141

2012 leaders:

2012 AL:

Hamilton 170
Cabrera 164
Encarnacion 161
C.Davis 148
Trumbo 147
Granderson 139
Dunn 139
Cespedes 139
A.Gonzalez 138
Trout 138

2012 NL:

Braun 162
Soriano 157
G.Jones 155
Stanton 153
McCutchen 145
Craig 144
Headley 141
A.Ramirez 139
J.Kubel 139
Montero 138

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