BMO 2040 and 2041- New Decade.

Let's take a look at the last decade:


Texas knocks off perennial powerhouses Chicago and Baltimore to make it to the World Series. This marks the start of a fall for Baltimore, who has struggled to recover. This is the first of 2 Texas appearances in the ALCS this decade and the only time Baltimore would appear in the playoffs. LA fails to draw 1 million fans and Minnesota begins their failed "All-In" promotion.


Kansas City begins their reign of terror on the AL Central, but loses out to Tampa in the ALCS. Tampa would go on to lose the World Series. Baltimore's fall from grace begins, with a $21 million loss despite $108mil in revenue. Minnesota is ALL IN and loses $45 million. LA again fails to draw 1 million fans.


Texas loses in the World Series after knocking off Kansas City. Fans of the Monarchs start wondering if they are the 1990s Braves. Minnesota's "All In" campaign gets 99 wins but fails to make the playoffs and still loses $34 million. Baltimore goes from 118 wins in 2030 to 106 losses in 2032. LA fails to draw 800,000 fans, seriously, look at their attendance this decade.


The Monarchs are kings of the world! After knocking off upstart New York in the ALDS they finally win the Series. Minnesota's final "All In" season nets them 94 wins, and a loss of $14 million. After 4 seasons, Texas misses the playoffs as Seattle takes the division. LA draws 2.2 million fans. Yes, they quadrupled their attendance, despite only winning 10 more games.


Back2Back for Kansas City, this time taking out Tampa Bay in the ALCS. Baltimore and Minnesota fight over the worse record as the "All In" has left via Free Agency and Baltimore is attempting a rebuild. LA attendance: 2.4 million.


George Steinbrenner IV, owner of the Yankees has decreed they must spend. A ginormous payroll take the World Series, New York makes their second ALCS and knocks off the mighty Kansas City. Oakland, the 6th best record in the AL, wins the AL West. Chicago goes from 96 wins to 99 losses in the span of an offseason. Minnesota brings in $18 million in profit.


Kansas City makes their 3rd World Series in 4 years, knocking off Oakland. The league owned Detroit and the high spending New York make a playoff appearances. Minnesota gets a bailout from the simGovernment and is able to get out of debt caused by the failed "All In" campaign.


Oakland wins their first championship in simHistory, taking out divisional rival Los Angeles and their 3.4 million turnstyle spins. Rediculous to think that 5 years prior they brought in under 800k... Not bitter about a terrible Minnesota fan base at all. Anyway, league has some interesting records with 3 teams losing more than 100 games and only 1 team, Boston, winning more than 100.


LA wins the series. They invite anyone who attended a game in 2032 onto the field to help hoist the trophy. They knock off Oakland as the West goes from a terrible division at the beginning of the decade to the division to beat at the end of the decade. Baltimore and Chicago have back to back 100 loss seasons.


It's the AL Central's turn to take the ALDS titles, this time pitting perennial ALCS participant Kansas City against the newly bought Detroit. The latter takes the ALCS and eventually the World Series to close out the decade. New York's steady decline culminates in a 107 loss season, and Baltimore hits rock bottom with their 3rd straight 100 loss season. Oh and LA got 3.5 million fans.

Here's a rundown of how each team did throughout the decade

Team Avg Wins Avg Losses ALDS TITLES
KCR 104.2 57.8 7
TBR 93.6 68.4 2
NYY 87.9 74.1 2
TEX 85.3 76.7 2
OAK 84.7 77.3 3
BOS 84.2 77.8 0
DET 82.1 79.9 1
MIN 81.8 80.2 0
SEA 79.7 82.3 0
LAA 77.9 84.1 2
CHI 77.7 84.3 0
BAL 71.6 90.4 1
TOR 68.7 93.3 0
CLE 63.2 98.8


Here's a link to the BMO site.

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