Play a challenge with me (let's build a team)

Play a challenge with me? I’m passing on the traditional fantasy baseball league this year and will do CDM’s $50,000 challenge. This is one of those salary cap games in which your roster fits under the cap and you compete roto style league/division/overall.

My RR project and team name for the challenge South Side Sox. I’d like to build my team and play this season with contributions from posters (fantasy players or just knowledgeable baseball fans alike) and post from time to time results and get suggestions from a different perspective. These games are about value in reference to salary but they also about noticing x player is pretty freaking hot and a comment like "T why haven’t you looked at player x could be very helpful."

I’m covering all expenses and will probably just do the unlimited transaction feature which comes in between $300-$450. What’s in it for SSS? Why the hell would I help you tdogg or even give a crap?

1. Well its baseball and fun.
2. I work for a collaborative company (lets collaborate!)
3. After expenses I’ll share winnings 50/50 up until $2500 minus taxes with the site (So roughly a chance for about a grand for future methups, tickets etc. basically whatever HSA or Jim can wrap their heads around to do the most good)
4. In the "obviously" unlikely event I win, a really cool sporting news story goes out about the "real" white sox fan site and how they "obviously" should be running the real freaking team.

I really don't have a set agenda with this so lets start with the basics directly from the site:


During signup, you select from the listed players a starting lineup of 28 players within the constraints of a $30,000,000 salary cap, as well as a taxi squad of 12 players. These players remain on your team until you decide to modify your team.

Starting Lineup

Your starting lineup must consist of the following 28 players:
* 2 Catchers
* 2 1st basemen
* 2 2nd basemen
* 2 3rd basemen
* 2 Shortstops
* 6 Outfielders
* 2 DHs (any hitter)
* 6 Starting Pitchers
* 3 Relief Pitchers
* 1 Swing Pitcher (any pitcher)

Taxi Squad

Your taxi squad must consist of any 12 players. The salary cap and position distribution rules do not apply to your taxi squad but do apply when these players are switched into the starting lineup.

Salary Cap, Player Salaries and Player Positions

The $30,000,000 salary cap, as well as the player salaries and player positions are assigned by CDM Sports and do not change. For player salaries, click here.

Listed Players

You can select listed players at any time before or during the Contest; Listed players can be selected for your starting lineup and taxi squad effective immediately upon submitting your entry. A listed player's position has been determined by CDM Sports based on his play last year and will remain the same for the 2012 season.

Unlisted Players

You can select unlisted players at any time before or during the Contest, however, all unlisted players are assigned a $750,000 salary and must start the Contest on your taxi squad. Unlisted players cannot be selected for your starting lineup until Friday, April 13, 2012, for games beginning Monday, April 16, 2012. An unlisted player's position will be assigned based on play during the first full week of the season and will be finalized on Friday, April 13, 2012. Until then, an unlisted player's position is temporary and may be changed based on regular season play.



Using the Diamond Challenge Rotisserie ranking method, statistics are accumulated each stat week (consisting of games played Monday through Sunday) by all 28 players in your starting lineup. Your team is then ranked within league, division and overall competitions based on the following 10 statistical categories, five for batting and five for pitching:

Batting Pitching
Batting Average Earned Run Average (ERA)
Home Runs Wins
Runs Batted In (RBI) Saves
Stolen Bases WHIP (Walks+Hits)/Innings Pitched
Runs Scored Strike Outs

Scoring System

Teams are ranked by comparing their team totals to the other teams in their league. The team with the best total in each category receives 25 points and the team with the worst total receives 1 point.

Division points are calculated by ranking your team's statistics totals versus the other 250 teams' statistics totals in your division.

Overall points are calculated by ranking your team's statistics totals versus all other entries in the Contest.

Statistics are accumulated weekly and updated daily for all 28 starting players. The first stat week of the season begins with the game on 7:00 PM CT, Wednesday, April 4, 2012, and ends with games played on Sunday, April 8, 2012. Stat weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday. The last stat week will run from Monday through Wednesday

All statistics accumulated by the players in your starting lineup, regardless of what position they actually play during the Contest, contribute to your team's statistics totals.

Minimum Innings Pitched Requirement

Your team must accumulate a minimum of 1,000 innings pitched by the end of the challenge. For teams that do not meet this requirement, their ERA and WHIP statistics will be adjusted at the end of the challenge, and assigned the worst ERA and WHIP in the league, division, and overall rankings.


Other important tibits

16 total New player purchases

On 8/28 you are allowed a 2 player taxi squad expansion without having to drop anyone

DH and taxi squad shift are unlimited

Salaries don't change




Prizes are awarded to the teams with the highest point totals, as follows:
* At Contest's end to the top 100 overall teams
* At Contest's end to the top 25 teams in each division
* At Contest's end to the top 5 teams in each league
* At Contest's end to the top 3 teams in each field
* At the All-Star break to the top team in each division
* Each week to the overall leader and to the weekly leader

Place Overall
(all teams)
(250 teams)
(25 teams)
1st $50,000 $2,000 $1,000 $200
2nd $10,000 $1000 $550 $100
3rd $5,000 $550 $450 $50
4th $2,000 $450 $250 --
5th $1,000 $250 $125 --
6th $500 $125 -- --
7th $250 $50 -- --
8th $250 $50 -- --
9-25 $250 $50 -- --
26-100 $100 -- -- --

For complete details regarding "Leveling The Playing Field" game-within-a-game and accompanying Field prizes, refer to the "Leveling the Playing Field" link on the Rules Index page.

The top 10 overall finishers win at least $2,000! In the event that a top 10 finisher fails to win his league and place in the top 2 of his division and his league, division, overall and field prizes don't total at least $2,000, we will award that top 10 finisher an additional cash prize so that the total of all of his league, division, overall and field prizes is $2,000..

And finally Sample reports from last year's winner:

Sample Reports

Team Report
League Report
Division Report
Overall Report

Quick observations from the winner's reports:

Hitters: Emphasis on good production with cheap prices to save salary space to of course afford a few studs.

Pitching: Emphasis on top pitchers. Yes they cost more but are considerably more consistent around the roto categories. Relief pitching is fungible (where have I heard that?) don't want to pay a lot for saves.

Taxi Squad: More top starting pitching. Emphasis on 2 start weeks with switches.

About mid month I'll start my subscription to baseball HQ. One of the preseason things they do is create a salary cap suggested team to start a season that you can tweak. I'd like to have a team ready before that to compare so the tweaks are more relevant. The stuff is good as well as the information, 3 of the last 4 CDM winners were subscribers.

So fire away at preseason thoughts on players in general, strategies you might have used in salary cap games or whatever floats your boat. Only care about the White Sox? No problem. Comment only on those players. Baseball is the one fantasy sport where my "love of team" still gets in the way sometimes. For instance I'd like to pencil in De Aza in the OF for a cheap hitter. Jokes aside, can he do 75% of what he did last year? Will he get enough at bats? Can I trust Sale yet?

What minor league or young players are likely to make an early impact.? Royal love for real now?

Anyone you absolutely hate right now or are afraid of?

I am in serious need of gibberish or just good ole fashioned brain storming....

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