The 2012 Outing: Final cast list & moneys needed!

Hiya gang. I have our seats selected and reserved for the Annual SSS Outing on Saturday, May 26th against the Indians. The list of attendees is below.

If I've missed anyone in those oft-hairy past threads, please speak up now to be added.

If you (or your plus ones) are on the list of maybe's below, please confirm either way now. A final head count is needed by end of next week. If I don't hear from you, I will have to assume you're a no-go. The world of meth-up organizing is a cutthroat one! I love you, but I can't let feelings get in the way!

As you can probably guess, the offices of the Chicago White Sox don't eff around when it comes to collecting. Someone has to keep up with Kenny's disappearing coins. They want our moneys quick-like, so please send $42 (per ticket) through Paypal to me:

Along with the payment, please write a note indicating your email address and identifying yourself (in SSS terms), so I can create the distribution list for follow-up detail-emails before the event. And also so I can keep track of who has paid - I'll mark you off the list below when I've received your payment.

Paypal is a relatively easy thing to figure out; but if you have questions about it - or anything related to the outing, email me directly or post them in the comments here.

For shizzles:

  1. homesickalien
  2. craigws
  3. Rhubarb
  4. Kenwo
  5. Dr Emilio Lizardo
  6. South Side Expat
  7. Jack M
  8. LockportSox
  9. LockportSox's Oklahoma girl-child
  10. pierzynskirules
  11. Trooper
  12. thatshortkid
  13. 2ndHalfAdjustments
  14. HappyHuman
  15. HappyHuman's mom
  16. Grinder in Training
  17. 67WMAQ
  18. Tdogg
  19. Chef Julius
  20. billyok
  21. Captain_Wookie
  22. Daniel Berlyn
  23. Scotty Ballgame
  24. oahu420
  25. LT_Sox_fan
  26. The Cheat
  27. AnoHito
  28. usualsuspect
  29. Jim Margalus
  30. CaptainWookie plus one
  31. Mike
  32. Jonny Fontane
  33. 815Sox
  34. blackoutsox
  35. This guy named Peter
  36. Peter's soandso
  37. e-gus
  38. Tdogg's 18th member, Junius


  1. Kenwo's brother
  2. Margalus, Jim
  3. whitesoxmatt
  4. blackoutsox
  5. Buehrleman
  6. Mrs. Buehrleman
  7. Tdogg's 3rd
  8. ChiSoxRox
  9. oneloyaldawg
  10. Hazymania
  11. Captain_Wookie plus one

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