RRRR: Dunn dingers and blackberry fingers

Hello there, esteemed Rumpusers.

As some of you are aware, I live in Seattle these days and therefore got to see a few Sox games in person this past weekend. Just a regular ol' Sox sweep at Safeco. The usual. And I guess that Perfect Game nstuff.

Saturday's game took all the limelight for rightful reasons and I nearly forgot to mention the exceptional time that was Friday night's game. Figured I'd use this week's RRRR to fill in just a couple of the details.

Every time they visit Seattle, I catch one of the Sox games with my friend Hassan, who is also from Chicago. We were introduced through email in early 2008, by a mutual Seattle friend who knew we shared a love for the White Sox. So we made a plan to meet in person for the first time over a Chicago hot dog lunch on Sox Opening Day '08; and we've been great friends since.

Hass doesn't bother with cheap seats (I do), so we sat in the fifth row on the 3rd base line, right next to the Sox dugout. The view was choice and the game was a blast. I managed to keep a really drunk Sox fan from getting out of control. He was sitting in front of us and was shit-canned by the 2nd inning. I could tell he was on the fast-track to super obnoxious, and would bring great shame to the family if encouraged; so I checked his facts and told him to take a seat when needed throughout the game. He proved harmless enough and respectfully kept it together. By the last couple innings, I was proud to see that the guy had taken to serious conversation with the 12 year-old potty-mouth down the row from him.

Meanwhile, an equally-wasted and jovial Mariners fan around the age of 60 occupied a seat next to him. Strangers in the night. The M's fan found out that the Sox fan was from South Dakota, and so began The Most Epic Conversation About Sturgis Ever. I admit it. I had a lot to do with the fact that this conversation went on for no less than thirty minutes. My first mistake was asking the M's fan to describe the craziest thing he saw at Sturgis.

My next eighteen or so mistakes, were asking him in different ways to describe the craziest thing he saw at Sturgis. He was lit up like a kid in a comic porn shop as he told the tales. It was so much fun listening to and watching him describe his ride on the "Sex Bus" (AKA: "Da Bus") from the George Thorogood concert.

Just when he got done telling us about the Thorogood backstage passes that never were (because someone's stupid wife lost them), Hass or I would casually say something like, "So what kind of transportation was offered from the show?" And the guy's eyes would widen and sparkle, as he said, "Oh man! Da Bus! You gotta take the Sex Bus!"

Roughly twenty minutes into the Sturgis talk, he lifted up the sleeve of his Mariners jersey, to reveal a tattoo that simply read "Sturgis 2011". I was frankly surprised it took him so long to show us the tattoo. It looked like a biker had inked him in impulsive passing. Maybe even on the bus ride from the damn Thorogood show! The man obviously had the time of his life there and his enthusiasm was endearing.

After the White Sox winner, Hass and I went to a favorite nearby bar. The place was crawling with fellow Sox fans, so we met some cool folks (a father/son duo by the last name of Stockings - true pale hose), chewed some fat, drank more beer and bourbon, and shared a cab ride home. Somewhere along the way, I managed to acquire a Blackberry. I remember finding it. I just can't exactly pinpoint why on earth I thought it was a good idea to take ownership of returning it! Sheesh.

The phone's 'daily alarm' sounded just shy of 5 AM Saturday and I banged my head against the wall when I realized what the noise was. The phone was locked, so all I could see was the the call history and a background picture of two hot chicks in Vegas. Some of my favorite recent calls in the history were from people named "Roadhead" and "Perry no not that Perry".

Back at the bar after the Perfecto on Saturday, my friend called the most recent number in the history and we told the chick that her phone would be with the bar management, where I (am pretty sure I) found it. Minor inconvenience in the end and definitely good for a laugh or two.

So that's enough about that. Seeing your favorite team only a few times a year provides a natural buzz that I didn't know prior to living away from home. It was hard to imagine I would have a better time going to a Sox game this weekend, than I did on Friday night. But so it was... Saturday proved to be even more perfect.

Who are some of your favorite ballpark strangers? Anyone have out-of-body-home-park experiences to share? Rumpus on already.

Did I hit the 75-word minimum here? Hopefully my picture captions will put me over the edge...


Was great to see a big night from the big guy: 2 HRs and a two-bagger.


Despite his team's loss, this guy was going straight down to funkytown.

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