30-team dynasty league-White Sox Available

I have a 30-team dynasty sim league at, where you start out with your team, and the White Sox are available. It is a free league and no trades have been made. Email me at, or go on the chat at the bottom of the page to join or ask questions, here are a few rules from the league so you guys get an idea for how the league works.

I figured I could find a White Sox fan who would want to take them over here. There are about 8 other teams available so email me for those too.


This is a 30 team simulation league. The simulating program will be ootp. I plug the rosters and lineups and manager tendencies, etc. into the program and it simulates games based on projections, past performances, and various other factors. You could start any prospect, though it might hurt their development. It will even simulate injuries, so I hope you have the depth for a 162 game season plus the playoffs!

League Rules

You may receive penalty points if you break the rules. The league is allowed to reduce and give penalty points at their disgression. They reset at the end of each year. If you receive 7 points, you will be released from your position. You will not be allowed to become a GM until the end of the year when your points clear. If you are hired as staff and bring the total to 10 points in that year, or a released from your position of GM again, you will have a 2 year ban from the league. Then an additional one year ban for being a GM.

1-4 points:

4-5 points:
10 million CAP reduction

6 points:
1 month ban/vacation. AGM takes over.

7 points:
Dismissed from your position. SALARY CAP:There will be a hard salary cap. It will be determined at the start of the league. Transactions that take you over CAP will be rejected. Exceeding
CAP is worth one penalty point for every month. You will be required to spend half of your CAP at ALL TIMES. Any cap you do not spend, you may keep 10% of it
for the next year.

PERFORMANCE:Every year you go under .500 you get one penalty point added on to the end of the year. The worst team receives 2. If you repeat
as worst, you get 4. If you three-peat as worst, you get 6. If you finish as worst a 4th time, you are automatically dismissed. Every year you go consecutively under .500 under the same regime is an additional 1 point.DRAFTS:There will be two, possibly up to four drafts annually.SUPPLEMENTAL

There will be drafts
This will be a live draft. You will submit a list if you cannot make it. If you do not submit a list or can't make it, you will lose your selection. Any
unowned minor leaguer may be selected. For the inagural draft, there will be a list. Anybody you select with your 1st round selection will be added on to your
40-man. If you skip your selection, you may make no more. You will receive 5 minutes to select. If you take longer you will have your pick skipped. All minor
leaguers that are not selected become free agents. The order will be determined by last seasons place in the standings.

This draft is of high school and college players, to be held after the MLB draft. You will receive 5 minutes to select. If you take longer you will have your pick skipped. If you are skipped on a 1st or second round pick, you may pick in next years compensation round. Anybody you select with your 1st round selection will be
added on to your 40-man. The draft will continue. You may trade draft picks and you may recieve various picks due to free agent compensation.


You may trade players.

The trade deadline will be August 1st. At 9:00 PM Eastern Time. This will allow those MLB addicts to be hoping for their team to acquire that aquisition for 3 prospects that will put them over the top without having to deal with fantasy baseball on that day.

-You may trade cash in any deal, or even cash for a player.
-You may trade ameatuer and supplemental draft picks at any time. Even during the actual draft. If I want to move up from pick 28 to pick 17 to draft Kevin Gausman, to snatch him from the Pirates, who sit at 18. and I trade my 2nd rounder, and my 1st for the Giants 17th overall pick, we would both have to PM the commissioner, and the draft will have a 5 minute "Trade Delay".
-Clauses in trades must be approved by the commissioners office.
-If you trade a ptbnl, the teams must agree on a list, a date, and who gets to choose the player. You may not trade a person on a list at that time. EX:
Andrew Brackman
J.J. Hoover
Bill Bray
Rays to pick by 5/1/2012.

In August, we will have trade waivers. You will be allowed to submit any player on your 40-man through revocable trade waivers. Anyboby who clears may be traded. Players off your 40-man may be traded. If the player is claimed, the team who put him though waivers has three options:
-Trade the player to the claiming team
-Let the claiming team have the player
-Revoke the player off waivers
You will be able to extend your players at any time.

If you put your extensions in the transaction center, I will post them on the forum. They will be voted on the forum. With a 50%+ approve rate after 48 hours, the extension will the upheld. They will vote as if they were an agent, not as if they were voting for fairness.

You will be able to bid on free agents. For now, we will use the "best offer system" so if it is an old player and you offer him a 5/50 contract, and someone offers a 1/15 contract, 5/50 wins. This system will be redone by the time free agency starts.

You will be allowed to tag players for compensation in the form of draft picks.

You will be given a 25/40/100 style roster, when you have your 25-man which is active players you may use in the games. You may call up and send down anybody on the 40-man onto or off the 25-man. If you want to move someone onto the 25-man that is not on the 40-man, you call them up to the 40-man. To take someone off the 40-man, you must DFA or release them. If you DFA them, they go onto waivers, and if they clear, they are outrighted to the 100-man. COLLUSION:
If you are found guily of collusion, all guilty parties shall recieve 7 penalty points. MINIMUM ACTIVITY:
You will be required to chat or make a roster move or lineup change or respond to a league PM or PM me once a week, or else be awarded one penalty point. You may email me ahead of time if you will be unable to.


Amendment I

If you are inactive for 2 consecutive weeks, your AGM will transition to your position gradually over the next week, before assuming full control by the end of the 3rd week. You will receive your position back if you can make it back in time before maxing out in penalty points.

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