White Sox 14, Yankees 7. Double or Nothing; Margalus gets to come home.

Our esteemed leader was at the game tonight. He brings home the win.

The White Sox were supposed to face CC Sabathia tonight, but due to a groin strain Mr. Honey Badger has to sit for a few. Ooooo, so fierce. This left the Sox to face Adam Warren, a 24-year-old right-hander who was making his Major League debut. Warren was 5-5 with a 3.86 ERA in 15 starts (86 1/3 IP) this year in AAA ball. Taking the mound for the Sox for his 7th start was our own rookie Jose Quintana, who entered the game with some seriously impressive "very definition of small sample size" numbers- 1.25 ERA, .969 WHIP over 43.1 IP (which is lower than the #2 all time career leader- White Sox spitballer Ed Walsh at .9996 WHIP.) He had 16 previous inning of scoreless ball and hadn't walked any one of the previous 97 batters he faced.

Unfortunately, the scoreless streak was put to an end immediately in the first, with Jeter hitting a leadoff double and Granderson hitting a HR to make it a quick 2-0. Quintana then ended his other streak by walking A-Rod. That came around to bite him as SSS favorite Nick Swisher hit a blooper out to right, followed by a double from Adruw Jones that plated 2 more. I'm still ticked at that guy for what could have been.

Top of the 2nd showed what's best about this year. 4 runs down early? No problem and certainly no throwing in the towel. AJ started by getting one back the easy way. Both Tank and Alexei singled, and both came home on a double out to left from Beckham. The game tied up with KW trade acquisition extraordinaire Youkilis grounding out but picking up the RBI.

Paulie got the Yankee bullpen going early, taking the first pitch slider deep for the lead. Rios would follow with a single and a SB, reaching third on the throwing error by Stewart and coming home on a soft single by AJ. Warren's debut came to a quick end after a sharp line drive by Alexei. David Phelps entered and got out of the inning without any further damage

Bottom of the 4th saw the game tie again at 6 via a walk to Swisher, double by Jones and both coming home on a trifecta of ex-Sox hitting with a Jason Nix double. AJ came right back in the 5th with another dinger (14 on the season) to make it 7-6. Another run was added in the 6th with Dunn Walking, Konerko grounding safely to Center, and Rios lining to Center to plate Dunn.

More wouldabeen fireworks if this was in the Cell came in the 7th. Cory Wade came in to replace Clay Rapada for NY and promptly walked Tank and let Alexei get his 4th homerun against the Yankees. Not to be out Thornton'd, Matt Thornton comes in for the Sox. Teixeira doubles, A-Rod singles, and Cano drives in a run. 10-7 Good guys.

Nate Jones in for the 8th and a quick 1-2-walk to Jeter-3 inning.

The 9th was the icing on the cake, as Cory Wade just seemed to give up. Tank doubles. Alexei doubles, Tank scores. Gordon singles, De Aza doubles bringing in Alexei and Beckham. Dunn singles, De Aza scores.

And then the WTF of the week for White Sox fans- DeWayne Wise comes in to pitch and gets Konerko to Fly out and Rios to ground out. Then a much nicer surprise for the Palehose- waiver acquisition Leyson Septimo goes 1-2-3 to close out the game, giving a big fat K to A-Rod and Cano.

TL:DR; White Sox made this a good Friday night.

  • AJ continues to not completely suck defensively, making a good play on a ball in the dirt to Beckham to get out Chris Stewart in the 2nd.
  • Out of 4 times I went to go refill my drink during a commercial break, I missed the Sox hitting a HR to start the next inning.
  • Youkilis replaced by Escobar due to the poopies.
  • Paulie 3 for 5 (HR)
  • AJ 3 for 5 (2 HR)
  • Beckham 3 for 5 (2 2B)
  • You'd think it was Chicago weather in NY - Alexei 4 for 5 (HR)
  • Septimo first MLB strikeout- A-rod, 2nd- Cano to end the game.

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