[Bonus Tracks] a.k.a.... Bonus Garbage talking about baseball. talking about random witty stuff either. I am not very good at that. Thankfully Rhubhard and HSA are Sox fans, and they perfectly fill that role.

This is about music or better about a sale strategy (?!) in the music industry that I completely despise: Adding bonus tracks, remixes, videos, even software, etc to re-releases and re-masterization of CDs. In my honest opinion, more often than not it's like adding sparkling bedazzles to a diamond jewel piece to incite sales.



Some of you may have noticed from my posts that I am a big music fan. A music junkie. I have bought hundreds of CDs in my life time. Yes, I am old fashioned. I buy CDs, I don't download music (I don't even know how). I also like to listen to my albums from track 1 to the last track. I rarely skip tracks. I listen to the whole package. There is a reason an artist created so much material....well....sometimes the reason was just to fill in the tracks or to put a absolutely crapuscular song like The Replacements did with "My Little Problem" in their album "All Shook Down". If you buy an old released album, chances are high it will come out with "bonus tracks". Sometimes it just goes to ridicules levels (8 added tracks or even an extra CD). A few examples:

1) Queen's "Innuendo", here you likely will find 18 tracks (Instead of the original 12): The George Michael "Somebody to Love" was a nice bonus, but then it drags on with more G. Michael. "Papa was a Rolling Stone" & "Killer" and some other crap that sounds more like G. Michael than Queen. If I wanted to buy a G. Michael album, I would have done that thank you. I thought I had bought a Queen album. If you buy Queen's "The Works" you will be rewarded with a HORREND 15 minutes remixes of "Radio Ga Ga" and "I Want To Break Free". It's very painful to listen to the latter. Freddie Mercury's Best of album comes with an extra CD of remixes which is utterly garbage with one or two exception.

2) Alan Parson's catalog: Most of Alan Parson's albums also come with the extra crap added. "Eye in the Sky" comes with 6 extra tracks worth shit including a 10 freaking minutes of the "The Naked Eye" (An "Eye in the Sky" instrumental version), and yet it closes with a 7 minutes track of a remix of, yes, more "The Naked Eye" with trumpets and synthetic violins So after that overdose of "The Naked Eye", you will probably end up hating the "Eye in the Sky" forever and traumatized for life.

3) Echo & the Bunnymen's "Crocodile": This just got silly. The new release of this album comes with 7 bonus tracks of earlier tracks of the original album. Translate: crappy versions of the originals. All stuck in the same CD, so if you put it on, go to do whatever you are doing with some Echo & the Bunnymen in the background, and you'll have to wait 1 hour and a half until the CD is over. If you buy "Ocean Rain" you will be gifted with 7 live version of the songs in the album (Also all packed in the same CD). Very poorly recorded live versions.

4) Television "Marquee Moon": This one comes with almost 30 mins of bonus tracks in the same CD. A 10 minutes of the song "Marquee Moon" which is enough to make you to no listen that song for about a year. Many songs are just almost identical to the originals like the "alternative" version of "See no Evil" which practically the same song as the original. So where is the added value?

5) Michael Jackson's catalog: Some new releases come with Quincy Jones commentaries. Who the fuck wants to listen to Quincy Jones commenting about the songs in the albums? Is this adding value? Enhancing the listening experience of Jackson's music? Really?

So, yes, I hate this bonus track feature you can find in some albums nowadays, as much as when an artist leaves a 20 minutes "silence" before a hidden song shows up (Nirvana's "Nevermind", Oasis' "Heathen Chemistry", Placebo's "Without you I am Nothing", etc). Some are not as bad. Dinosaur Jr. "Green Mind" comes with 3 bonus tracks but they are unreleased tunes at least. Sun Kil Moon's "April" has its bonus tracks in an extra CD, so you can enjoy the original album as it was meant to. Same with Super Furry Animals "Radiator" and many others.

So, I wonder (see poll), do people really buy a CD because it contains bonus tracks?

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