RRRR: The touch, the feel, of honor

Lately I've been reflecting on honor and all its many shapes and forms. Hell, it's one of those words that can function as multiple parts of speech, so you just know it's a loaded concept! There are of course many definitions and degrees of honor, and subjective interpretations of it alike. For example, I recently had a friend (who does not follow sports, let alone baseball) tell me that I've managed to bring up baseball in conversation on every single occasion that he's ever been around me. I personally felt some sort of twisted honor at his observation (especially considering that I see him often in the offseason too), though I don't expect it's everyone's idea of a compliment.

I think of those bumper stickers that parents apply to their cars, showing that their student made the Honor Roll. We had a few of those stickers in my family; but I don't think my sister and I were honored by the association as much as my parents were honored to have kids with brains; or rather - honored by their good diligent work in showing us how to use said brains.

Have any of you ever made some type of an "honorable mention" list? What kind of back-handed compliment is that anyway? We're going to honor you; but ever-so-briefly because let's face it, you're not that great! Don't settle on honorable mentions, people.

Last winter, at age 27, I felt honor in a new way when my best friend of twenty years and one of the most genuinely beautiful and kind people I've ever known, asked me to write and officiate her wedding this summer. And here I always assumed I'd be a mere bridesmaid of hers. This isn't the first time I've mentioned this occasion on the site; but the wedding was a month ago in Colorado and I'm still touched by the role I was given in her special day. Always will be, I imagine.

I knew upon agreeing to do it, that it would be difficult for me to scribe a message worthy of the occasion. And I knew it would be difficult then to stand in front of the family I'd known for twenty years, as well as the strangers, and keep myself together amidst all the emotions and nerves that I expected to be consuming me during the ceremony.
However, when the day came, I was not nervous at all. I had the ceremony memorized and what I'd written was so truthful, that I felt nothing but dutiful to my friend and her soon-to-be-husband. There was simply no way I was going to let them down. I realized that honor is often self-induced, yet reflected in those around you and what you're passionate about. Honor emerges from a person's actions and character; and each of us controls those things, so to some degree, we control our honorable mentions (hee).

I was floored with honor from the start to be put in their officiant's position; but then I was able to honor them by rising to the occasion and showing them what it meant to me, and how much I love them. I was challenged to prove them sane in their choice; and in taking that on and fulfilling the honor, I learned something about myself. Something I dig.

I'm curious about the honor felt, bestowed, and radiating throughout our SSS community. What does honor look like to you? What was the greatest honor you've ever received? Who is the most honorable person you know and why?

Rumpus on, even if you've got nothing on the suggested topic.

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