I Like the White Sox: Breaking the Block

Hello South Side Sox peeps. Remember me? That crazy guy who comes up with some of the most messed up thoughts on this blog. You know, you guys ready for comic effect and not serious baseball analisys. Yes, Jim, Larry, and UGod have that covered. I still have been coming here and keeping up and ofcourse following my White Sox and now I am here to talk.

It has been a busy summer for me as my two kids are growing up, my boy got his ring, and I have been taking on new business at work and starting my own business as well. The whole thing got me manic, and I forgot about what I enjoy in life. Writing.

So I am going to give you seven thoughts of this season I have had so far. And I hope you all enjoy.

One, I did not expect the output this team has been producing, much less first place. I am one of the biggest Ozzie marks you will ever see in your life. I love the guy for his outspoken manner, and colorful personality. However, one thing I have learned this year is this team is way better off without him. I see veterans performs, rookies getting some time, and it has been exciting, This team responds much better to Robin than they have for Ozzie the last few years. Although the drama Oz brings is fun for entertainment purposes, it doesn't help the team. I really think he needs to retire and his family can do a reality show called Ozzie and his Kids. I would watch, and many of you would too. Don't lie.

Two; speaking of Robin. He has really impressed me with the way he is handling this team. I thought he was just acting as a puppet for Kenny, and I was wrong about that. He has shown some marks of a rookie manager, but I really think he should be given the manager of the year if the Sox get in the playoffs. I really enjoyed the piece here earlier in the week on that.

Three, I guess you put a young rookie behind AJ and it lights his ass on fire. AJ Pierzynski is killing the ball like it was Michael Barrett's face. Yes, I know so 2006, but that happened on my birthday so it will stick with me forever. I still think the better part was when Tadahito hit the GS.

Four, this rotation has been great. Peavey stepping up (much like Rios and Dunn, more on that later), Chris Sale being the machine he has been, and this Jose Quintana kid, I like, I like.

Five, can someone tell me what happened to Matt Thornton circa 2008-2010? Who is that guy out there now?

Six, if Adam Dunn and Alex Rios did this last year, the White Sox would have won last year. I am wondering if Dunn was still injured last year. Did he change his conditioning? I have to believe that Rios wants to play for Robin, and was annoyed by Ozzie. Look at his stance in the box. Look at how his attitude seems to have changed.

And finally seven, Kenny Williams. OK I forgive you. Enough said.

This was captain obvious writing this, but I needed something to break the block. Hope you guys enjoy and I miss you guys and go White Sox.

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