Terrerobytes: Brett Myers to sign with Indians

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

The last significant White Sox free agent finds a home in Cleveland's rotation.

The last of the key White Sox free agents found a home elsewhere, but the White Sox will still see plenty of him.

Brett Myers will pitch for the Cleveland Indians after signing a one-year deal with a club option (pending a physical, of course), and the Indians intend to use him as a starter. His salary has yet to be announced or discovered, but when it comes to one-year contracts for a team in Cleveland's situation, it doesn't really matter if it's $4 million or $12 million for practical purposes.

The Indians could certainly use starters, as their starters posted a collective ERA of 5.25. Justin Masterson, Ubaldo Jimenez, Zach McAllister are the "top" three starters, and Trevor Bauer and a mess of AAAA guys are other starting candidates, so Myers should save Terry Francona a headache, provided he can stick as an AL starter.

That's not a given, considering he went 7-14 with a 4.48 ERA (85 ERA+) for Houston in his most recent year as a starter. His strikeout rate dropped below six per nine innings, even as a effective reliever, so there are reasons to doubt whether it can hold up over six innings at a time. That's the most pressing reason to find out what he's getting paid, because it'll be interesting to see what the market settled on for a starter with these question marks.


With such a crowded Hall of Fame ballot, guys who might have received 5 percent of the vote will be lucky to get a few tips of the cap. So Joe Posnanski comes in and gives each of the likely one-and-done candidates a brief tribute, and this is one of the areas where he really excels.

Scott Boras is a master at pulling off the megadeal when everybody thinks the market has painted him into a corner, but Jeff Passan he faces his stiffest test yet thanks to the CBA's new qualifying offer rule, which, combined with the spending rules in the draft, creates quite a conundrum for teams interested in Boras clients like Michael Bourn, Kyle Lohse or Rafael Soriano.

I was disappointed to find out this was a minor-league deal, but if Tejada can make it to the majors, the contract will be worth $1.1 million.

If you haven't voted on the South Side Sox Hall of Fame ballot, please do so. If you maxed out your ballot, you might want to check this comment thread and make sure you didn't submit more than 10.

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