RRRR: the delight of kite

Atop my loaner board called The Wizard, I sat facing east with my back to the waves, and took a near-bottomless inhalation. In with the breath came my physical surroundings. Sometimes you breathe so deeply you can taste the visuals. I do this often and ever-humbly, as I'm waiting for the next set to roll in.

This particular day, as I focused on the rolling landscape in the east, my eyes were drawn to countless patterns and colors littering the sky a couple miles north up the beach. Kites galore! A kite party perhaps, or maybe a kite convention; almost positively a kitesquerade. I knew I had to explore the scene when I was back on land.

Seaside, Oregon is one helluva quaint coastal town, complete with a fine, albeit cold, wave or two to surf. I've never visited Seaside during the summer months, though I imagine it's a popular place to spend a warm weekend. A golden sandy stretch of the Pacific extending for miles, and a beachfront promenade running the length of a town lined with charms, beachy souvenirs, and seashell-strapped street lamps.

The cause for my recent trip to Seaside, was to pick up my custom surfboard, about a month after commissioning it on my previous visit there. A super snobby beer release that Friday night in Portland and a promising swell forecast sealed my plans to head to Oregon for the weekend. The colorful fabric flying in the sky and the crisp autumn sunshine were only bonuses, glee-inducing coincidences.

I had no idea how mesmerizing and entrancing hundreds of kites could be. Some handmade, some traditional, some impressively commanding, others a modest combination of smaller kites. Some spun, some billowed, some twirled and tossed, tails whipping through the salty air. At my age, it's rare that a sight or scene could induce so many shrieks. But every time I spotted a new and amazing kite, my childlike delight was impossible to contain.

The next morning I returned The Wizard to the shaper in exchange for my freshly-painted custom board. Beholding it for the first time caused me to squeal once again. I had fancied this very board, by his very hand, for over three years leading up to that moment; although the artwork is something I never could have imagined. I carefully applied the first coat of wax and paddled her out at Indian Beach, for her first taste of ocean, on that glorious autumn Sunday.

Whether these unadulterated moments are anticipated like a long-awaited surfboard, or as unexpected as stumbling upon a dazzling kite fiesta, I'll continue to inhale each of them and absorb them as deeply as possible, in hopes that they'll stay with me as long as I live.

Please share a giddy moment or two from your adulthood, that you'll hold onto forever.



*no filters, nor editing, on either photo

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