RRRR:  la-Z-lady

Here at the start of my third week in the new job, I find myself suffering from a mental fatigue that I haven't felt in a while. Long days, making sense of new work while also attempting to wrap up old business; a hundred new names and faces to memorize, hierarchies to heed. I'm enjoying the crap out of my new gig, but I'm also anxious for the second nature of it to kick in, so I can once again feel "normal" in my off-hours.

I've discovered a side effect of being pulled in so many directions during the day, that my free time is similarly scatterbrain and lacking in routine. And my back hurts. Sheesh, does my back hurt. I told my roommate tonight, that I wish I had a recliner. Sooo basically I've morphed from a 20-something woman into an immobile elderly man, in a matter of a month. Which I'd be perfectly okay with... if I had a recliner. Cup holder. Built-in massager. Kneading. Drooling.

Anyway, since I'm not in the mental mode to craft themed writing, I'll instead leave you with some tidbits. Maybe they'll inspire conversation. I entrust the power of rumpus will compel you regardless!

  • The new Arcade Fire album - Reflektor - is pretty freaking amazing. It will grab you with an initial catchiness of beat, not unlike producer James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem fame). But if you proceed to give it another ten listens, your mind is right to be blown. It gets better with every listen, far as I can tell after about twenty spins. The contrasting nature of the lyrics, theme and sound is cleverly relevant to our times. Feeling disconnected in an overly-connected world. I'd like to hear thoughts from others who are listening to/digesting/dissecting Reflektor.

  • I'm about 170 pages into Nick Offerman's book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, and even despite his Cubfandom, my respect for the man is deepening by the chapter. It's a fantastic fluffy read for someone who values the art of leading a rich and fulfilled life, and I tend to agree with Offerman's standards. It's probably an even better read for someone who doesn't "get" those things - as there are quality lessons in the stories he shares, about how to be a decent person. So recommend it to the assholes in your lives, I guess.

  • Finally, I commented in the previous thread that I was enjoying Ricky Gervais' new show on Netflix, called Derek. Upon completion of the first season (a manageable seven episodes), I can safely give it the enthusiastic recommendation that I suspected was coming. Be warned that it is a heartstring-tugger to be sure. There are purely beautiful moments and sincere statements woven throughout the episodes; which still manage to maintain some degree of dry English humor despite the sadness of the situations. Or maybe it isn't quite sadness, as my friend challenged me. I suppose I can simply relate that perspective is a helluva drug, and you should check out this show.

*adventure pic du rumpusroom - ooh la la!*

Went to the peninsula this past weekend, surfed in the Straits of Juan de Fuca on a large NW swell, which moved prematurely cold ~46-degree waters right to where I needed to be to get waves. No biggie since the air temperature matched (not kidding, I'll take it.) and I had a nice lil' climb up a cliff post-surf, so that my body heat kept generating right up until I needed to carefully pry myself out of the neoprene. Anyway, on the way down the cliff, I took a picture of one of several WWII bunkers that are hidden along the cliff side. I love coming across these things, makes me feel something kinda different, uneasy, and most importantly - always strikes the imagination.


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