Sox Next Move

with Ronnie B apparently officially signed and Downs holding, that makes at least one of a large number of tradable Sox now 'need to go' - assuming they don't elect to send someone to AAA.

so, suspects, in my order of least likely to most likely to go before the season starts and by the deadline.


he's not a FA until '16 and he'll get a year to work with yet another hitting coach. i'd really love to see Becks put it together for a season.

DeAza or Viciedo

these guys both have a lot of team control left so it's odd to think they'd be the next to go. but they're both really similar in all the bad ways. personally, i'd keep DeAza because i somehow think he's more teachable and i'll take the speed/power tradeoff.

Gillaspie / Keppinger / Morel / Flowers / Phegley

it's not so much you really believe in any of these guys... maybe a little in Gillaspie... but more 'For what?' - they don't have a return that helps you. if anything, and it's sad to say, but i'd keep Flowers because, damnit, we deserve something for dealing with Vasquez for 3 years.


not at $15m. not a chance. but we'd take cab fare and call it a deal.



imagine this, Sox true believers. back in the winter of '10 when you dreamed of Donkey's big, left handed bat in the homer friendly Cell, you thought almost exactly what i did. he'll hit .240 - .250, sure, but he'll hit 50 dingers and walk a ton. he's a perfect fit for us!

3 years in and Dunn has posted the 3 worst years of his career in terms of OBP and single worst in HR. he's been a trainwreck in terms of being a player, regardless of genuinely nice guy he seems to be. people thought he might be bad but not THIS bad.

so, it's mid july and Steverson has helped enough to where Dunn is hitting a cool .250 with an OBP over .350 and 30 dingers. we wouldn't get much, because it's a limited market but someone would bite (Seattle, maybe... Texas?) with a potential arm or 2, right?

so, Dunn. we would have loved you the way we love Konerko, the way we'll always love Buehrle. but you didn't deliver. not even close. so, help us out here, will ya? do that whole 'contract year' thing.

cab fare still works if reality calls.


career wise, he's the most likely to have a solid, productive year and can cover a lot of holes for a lot of teams. he's Dunn-light. give us any excuse to trade him.


Pitcher Other Than Sale.


he's safe if Viciedo is traded which might be a good enough reason to keep Tank simply because a) he'd get us the most besides Sale and maybe Quintana and b) we've got a lot of infielders.


anyone else not named Sale, Konerko (grandfather clause), Abreu, Eaton or Garcia and anyone below 25. Hahn might be our GM but KW is still lurking, right? no one is safe at the trade deadline if it nets any combination of young, toolsy, power-arm, leftie, high-ceiling or catcher.

who gets traded next?

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