RRRR: The "Holidays"

My left eye hurts. Like, I've got a little bit of a black eye. What did you guys do to me last night at Kacey's? I guess I'll just assume that the dog did it to me when we were roughhousing last night when I got home. So yeah, Kacey's. That seemed to work well for everyone... well, okay, maybe not lockportsox. Anyone order any of those drinks and not pay for 'em?

A great big thank you to everyone that came out. I had a blast despite being so tired from traveling.

Oh the traveling. The missus and I went out to DC to visit her sister. We went the way long route, taking the bus to St. Louis to meet up with her folks and then getting up at four in the morning the next day to hit the road with them. Her dad was a military man, there is no sleeping in. So, the first day we drove 13 hours to Waynesburo VA. Kind of insane driving through Illinois entirely before the sunrise, but that's how he rolls. The next day was pretty cool. Instead of driving straight to DC, we went and drove the Skyline drive in Shenandoah national park. Despite the weather being not ideal, it was still an amazing drive.


By the end of the day, we were in DC. A great thing about DC is that most everyone goes back to where they came from for the holidays, so hotels end up being really cheap. We got some super swank digs for a fraction of what they normally go for. Like, complimentary drinks in the concierge lounge kinda swank. Also, it was only a few blocks away from my Sister-in-law, which meant easy escape when needed. It was indeed needed.

Next day (Christmas eve) it was tourist time before family time. We went and did the National gallery in the morning, and she went to nap while I went and did the National Air and Space museum. I've been a few times before, but never had enough time to really see everything. That place is such a wet dream.


Then came Christmas eve evening. The family tradition on the wifes side is to open non-santa presents at that point, while grazing on a whole bunch of appetizers instead of a real meal. We didn't have much to open, as we told everyone to send everything to our house cause we didn't want to have to lug anything back. What really made the night special was my spoiled rotten six year old bitch of a niece throwing a temper tantrum when she ran out of presents cause she wanted to open all hers first. She yelled out "No one else should open presents when I don't have any" (having failed to put together the fact that she didn't have anymore cause she insisted on opening them all first.) It turned into performance art when she then screamed "This is the worst Christmas EVER!" before storming out of the room. That kid has got some hard lessons she's gonna have to learn when she gets out of her little pampered kindergarten.


Actual Christmas day was perfectly gluttonous. A good sleeping in followed by large champagne and bloody mary fueled brunch, and then escape back to the hotel as the niece went into little bitch overdrive again. Dinner was back at the sister in laws place again, where she was just SO PROUD of the slow cooker brisket she made. That shit was dry as sawdust, but I offered some compliments anyways. My mother in law and I exchanged several "you have got to be kidding me" glances about the whole thing. My mother in law is awesome.

The next day was more tourism goodness. Pentagon, National Museum of American History, US botanic garden, and National museum of natural history. The pedometer was at 10.2 miles for the day afterward. Good to get all that walking in, cause we took Amtrak home the next day. I've never been on one of the cross country lines before. The seats on them are so much better than the trains to St. Louis or Chambana. Tons of leg room and a really good recline. Still, 17 hours on a train was not the most pleasant, especially cause across the isle was a morbidly obese man who spent at least 13 of those hours snoring. We got into Chicago at 9am, and eleven hours later, I was out mething up.

Anyone else have some good/horrible stories from the past few holiday weeks? Anyone get any really good gifts?

Also, Lucy Hayes wins the worst White House China Pattern contest-



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