BMO 2046 and 2047- The ladies of BMO

Instead of focusing on my threepeat let's take a look at a lighter side of the league, the ladies of BMO.

Xena Chandler, SP, KCR

I don't care what the game says, Xena is a girls name. I'm a little surprised her numbers are as poor as they are, but I think she'll turn it around with some innings on her arm.

Mary Barkman, SP, TBD

Another lady who I believe will start to pitch better when she's got some time under belt. Her best season was in 2044, when she went for 216 IPs and a 3.70 ERA.

Laura Ross, SP, BAL

Laura made her MLB debut last season and getting ready to start her rookie season as Baltimore's #5 starter. To steal from BMO, if she can live up to the hype, she's going to be an All-Star.

Catherine Thomas, C, MIN

Just starting up her starting career, Catherine was a decent bench option in Toronto and Minnesota. She's played in 223 games after being a 2nd round pick.

Marge Lawler, RF, TOR

After putting together a really solid rookie season, she erupted in the playoff run for Toronto. Two home runs and 7 RBI in 8 games and a .310 batting average.She's primed to become a star.

Olivia Lord, LF, SEA

Another youngster who is getting ready to break out. Her sophomore season saw her hit for a .277 average and put 25 balls over the wall. She'll be a really good slugger who has 300+ HR potential.

Dina Huttmann, CF, BOS

Ok, now I kind of want to have the last 3 in my outfield and name my team the Slugging Sallys. Another young player who really broke out in 2044 with 43 dingers and a Gold Glove.

Helena Harris, CF, TOR

She's entering her 4th year in the league and she's got 3 rings on her hand. She'll compete with Dina for All-Star games, Gold Gloves and MVPs in future years.

Jiji Tobin, 2B, CHW

This very confused 26 year old (Get this guy in the lineup somehow. She'll put up the numbers for you.) is starting to launch into the stratosphere. I predict a few All-Star games in her future.

Jerrie Graham, 2B, LAA

Jerrie is wrapping up an excellent carreer. In her 14 seasons she's put up over 2000 hits and has a .275/.363/.425 slashline. She's definitely in the Women's Baseball Hall of Fame.

Gwenyth Vienes, C, BOS

She's spent her entire 12 season career behind the plate in Boston and she's another one in the Hall of Great and the Women's Hall of Fame. She's put up a line of .280/.349/.393 and has 1 ring.

Sebbi Newberry, C, OAK

The best. No not just the best woman in BMO history, she's the best defensive catcher in history. She's won 7 gold gloves, been named to 3 All Star games, and has a World Series ring. Her 60.2% runners thrown out percentage is the best all time and she's thrown out over 100 more runners any other catcher.

So let's play ball, and bring on the ladies!

Oh and if you want to play, we've still got some open teams.

Link to BMO

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