Ball-rolling RRRR: The annual SSS outing 2013

Now that the season is well underway, it’s time to get planning the Fifth Annual South Side Sox Outing. I’ve seen enough inquiries in the comments to know that the interest is out there and the word is already spreading like that pesky venereal disease that we’ve all surely contracted at previous SSS Outings. This year, we shall gather in White Sox Based Balls merriment on Saturday June 29th, to see the Cleveland Indians play the White Sox. The game begins at 3:05 PM. Tailgate will probably kick off around Noon.

I know what most of you are thinking.

DoritosboooooooobiesbeeerflavoredoritosboobssSay,why are we not meeting in late May this year and playing an NL team that doesn’t involve the sickening presence of one Swisher, Fuck Nick?

In short, I couldn’t get the usual Memorial Day week off of work this year, so I went after this holiday’s trip, which also had the more appealing Sox home series’ (not interested in seeing the Cubs, sorry dudebrahs).

Please proceed to express your interest in going (serious or other) in the comments below.

Also, please consider the cause for occasion at hand before responding.

While I know some of you enjoy being attached at the hip to your spouses and significant others at all possible times of the day and night, we try to keep the number of plus-one’s to a minimum each year (out-of-town travelers, eg).

Of course I do support having a designated driver. But do they have to sit with us? (heheh) But seriously, I would encourage exploring public transportation options foremost, if that’s within the grasp of your coordinates and resources. Or if you’re coming into town from afar, perhaps having a place to crash in Chicago for the night is a wise arrangement.

Additionally, and I’m serious dammit! - this has proven to not be an environment for children (unless you’re an OPOS and your children are of drinking age) (and they preferably have prior experience in Turkish prisons) (actually, please have them send me their résumés in advance of purchasing tickets).

Probably goes without saying that little kids can’t even function as DDs, so they’re out, leave ‘em at home or at the train station, I don’t care, show me pictures after I’ve had a few Zombie Dusts, I’m sure we’d love them too, thank you in advance for your compliance, I hear they have great family deals on Sundays.

So, who’s prepared to join us at the 5th Annual Outing (aka: meet-up, aka: meth-up)?

Email me if you have any questions that you prefer to discuss offline.

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