The RRRR bends all your notes for you

The Last Time We Rumpus'd ~

the conversation, as it so often does around here, took a musical turn. The Right Rail often goes to show that South Side Sox is a community rich in culture, diverse interests and backgrounds, and good ol' fashioned knee-slappin' rib-jabbery. The Right Rail is where the heart of the site beats blood-black. So thank you to all, for bringing yourselves to the conversation.

Anyway, I can't write much tonight because of music. Some of you may recall I'm in a rocknroll band out here in Seattle. After a long winter hibernation, we've been practicing every week for months, to work on songs for our upcoming album. If I like it when we're finished, I'll be sure to post the link to steal it off the internet. But as of tonight, I'm stupidly in the middle of overhauling most of the parts I've written over the past year. Tough to explain why I'm doing such a thing. But it's become necessary and I have some significant work to do before practice this weekend.

So, I'm curious about the people in this community who participate or have participated in formal (or informal!) musical endeavors. I'd call my lil basement-jamming band in Chicago (the many times mentioned GBV rockers) as informal as you could get next to singing in your shower with a couple dudes. The Seattle band I'm in is at least a notch or two above that; but we're still very casual in our approach to practicing and collaborative song-creating.

Anybody sing in a choir, play instruments, or maybe even sleep with someone who does?
Let's jam when I'm home next month! heh

Rumpus n roll on, frenz!


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