RRRR: where have all the Billy Pierce statues gone, long time passing

I can only imagine mine is in someone's gated yard in Ukrainian Village.

Oh, the Outing.

I went dark after the event, since I was on vacation for the seven days immediately following the 5th Annual. I caught up briefly on the post-outing thread, in my finally-showered moments the following evening; then didn't see the thread again, nor SSS, NOR THE INTERNETS, for a full week.
Bad mod! I know.

You guys are a trip. Such a great meth-up, thank you to all who attended and made that day what it was, newbies and oldiesbutgoodies alike.
We now know we are no match for The Great Nick Swisher, and frankly, I'm still trying to make peace with that fact. But we do know how to hit the town in perhaps a slightly less-douchey manner than that diagonal-stripe-shirt-wearing-asshole. I bet Swisher doesn't even have shinypants.


I suppose I don't know what pnoles was doing by the Dan Ryan in the wee hours; and Primasagna clearly disgraced the family and knocked up some poor child on the el that night. But at least from what I remember, this was a smashing success of a day/night/early morning for all involved.

I even saw the specter of thecip rising over Lake Michigan in the morning. It was poetic.


My early-departing friend and five-time meth-upper Mike, was pleased to hear that the bartender at Cork and Kerry's was nearby our section at the game, and identified us as the folks who delivered the "SHAVE YOUR BACK" chant, to the heckling Indians fan who truly should have been wearing a shirt no matter how hot it was.

Speaking of the heat-
Sunscreen-Negligent Ginger Constituent, I hope you didn't think you were getting away so easy. We obviously rounded up and concentrated your mutated genes and tried to fry you away in the sunshine. I hope you all felt the raw burning pain for a couple days after, and thought long and hard about what you did.


So, I wonder what happened to my Billy Pierce statue. I swear I carried him for most of the night. I think I removed him from the magic box and threw him in my bag, willy-billy, not realizing how fragile he really was, and how many heads would roll that night. I'm sure someone remembers clearer than I do. My pictures only get blurrier as the night goes on, so any leads are welcome.

That said, let's turn to some pictures, for further proof that that day happened.

"Three Brothers"

statues, shades, and the shady

Kittycat signing Rhubarb's dingy-ass hat from 1983

moroots and Cheat had soooo much fun together in the window of C&K

the crew before the sun went down and things got really weird

Thanks again to you all. Rumpus on.

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