Breaking Bad: the lone and level sands (home)stretch

*Fair warning* This thread contains spoilers.
This thread will be a home for active discourse to run alongside the final episodes of Breaking Bad. If you are not current on the series and wish to protect yourself from spoilers, I don't recommend reading further.

As you all know, I have a bit of a one-track mind at the moment, as I mentally mine through the details, recollections from past seasons, all of the symbolism that hints to what may happen from here, and fangasmic predictions that are as meaningful as offseason rosterbation.

But oh my goodness, how could you not. Vince Gilligan and company have gifted us a masterpiece and this is our final dance with it. I am filled with eager bittersweetness!

We've already blown a load or two analyzing under black boxes in the RRRR, prior to the realization that we needed a separate place for this discussion. There is simply too much going on and there are still seven episodes to go!

So let's look into something that is yet to be discussed over there: the remaining episodes' titles. As Season Two proved and any fan of BB should know, the episode titles can carry as much foreshadowing as Marie's yellow blouse in 5.08/5.09.
(You said it, Marie...Walt is the devil! And he ‘bout to git you.)

For reference, here are the first eight episode titles:
Live Free or Die
Hazard Pay
Dead Freight
Say My Name
Gliding Over All

And here are the final eight:
Blood Money
Rabid Dog
Granite State

I won't analyze one-by-one here, but there are some big ones that leap out at me.

I posted the Shelley poem Ozymandias yesterday, which lends its title to episode 5.14.
Since reading that poem (and then Primavera linking to the teaser with Bryan Cranston reading it *chills*), my speculation of why the broken mirror shot of Walt in 5.09? has been mostly answered in the line about the shattered visage. In the flash-forward scene (that opens 5.09), Walt is returning to his fallen empire and the lone stretching sands of New Mexico, unrecognizable to himself and his old familiar surroundings.

What happened to his empire is yet to be seen, but we gain pretty great insight to the state of things and the fact that Walt has been revealed as Heisenberg (through Hank's doing? Or someone else's?). Ozymandias being the title of 5.14, leads me to believe that teaser flash-forward action will pick up in that episode as well.

Buried as a title is awfully foreboding for the next episode. I still think Marie is the next to go; but only because of that damn yellow shirt. It could be Lydia, or anyone for that (gray) matter.

When I saw that an upcoming episode was called Rabid Dog, it triggered recollection of a past episode with "dog" in the title. You probably recall too that Problem Dog was an episode mid-season 4, and it relates to a long-winded speech that Jesse gives at a rehab/addiction meeting.

The fact that an episode called Confessions comes just before Rabid Dog, only furthers my belief these episodes will determine Jesse's fate. And as I've mentioned before, I don't think Jesse will be incited to kill again/take action against Walt for any reason other than if he learns what happened to Jane and Brock. Walt is the only person who knows about those things, and therefore, the only person in a position to confess.

I could also see Jesse confessing what they've done, and dragging Walt under the bus with him. Walt is going to be plenty distracted with Hank's lead, he may not even realize that Jesse is capable and liable to slip in a vain effort to get right with himself.

The only other title that strikes me as a clue, is the final episode, Felina.

There is a song by Marty Robbins called Feleena (from El Paso) and it tells the story of a woman born in New Mexico, who runs away to El Paso and becomes a dancer. She falls in love with a cowboy who winds up killing another man in a jealous moment. He flees from the scene and then returns the following day. As she runs towards him, he waves for her to stay away and he is shot. They kiss, he dies, and then she shoots herself with his gun.

Obviously, El Paso has been an important location to the story of BB. That's where Hank was transferred and where he first developed those post-trauma scars.

Since I don't know the circumstances, let alone who is still alive in the final episode, it's hard to speculate too much on what this reference could mean. Or if it's even meant to reference the Marty Robbins song at all! I certainly can't imagine Skyler will be running to Walt's sweet embraces at the end of all this. And after all, it is spelled slightly differently. BB's spelling is reminiscent of the words, fell in. It's also simply an anagram of finale.

On that note, let's get super carried away and drool over the heartbreaking end of Breaking Bad. I would love to hear what you've all been thinking too.

September 29th, here we come.

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