The Elephant in the Room

Just curious, why do you think large Mainstream Media outlets are not trying to snatch up Jim Margalus?

When I see frequent (daily even!) analysis like this I'm left to wonder why this type of content is still being had for free. This analysis (and those by larry, colin, et al) is clearly above and beyond anything you will read in the local media, who seem fat and lazy by comparison (though I'm sure they're nice people.)

But when I read this free blog daily and become a well informed fan, I feel like I'm stealing. What's in it for Jim besides fandom? I'm thinking the business model is that they get ad revenue based on clicks, so mo articles, mo visits, mo comments, mo money. But is it enough to make a righteous living? I would love it to be but tend to think not, though I really have no idea.

Can you imagine what Jim could do if he actually had access to the team? Oh the analysis and interviews that would go far beyond Nuke Laloosh.

I mean, this team is crap and Jim is still finding stuff to write about and analysis to do that is well above any other source. And he's contextualizing current events with past history and future planning for the team, not to mention the offseason HOF articles, among other things.

Why wouldn't the Chicago Tribune and others want this and get the ad money from all the clicks? They could even have a "premium content" section for a subscription fee and a bunch of the analysis and stuff can go in there. Heck even SB Nation could do something like that too.

Therein lies numerous rubs:

1) People don't want to pay. This is a completely separate and big debate that stems from the belief that the internet should always be free. Too big of a subject to tackle here, but the point is that if you make people pay for it, very few people actually will. I'm focusing on the daily upkeep and in-depth quality analysis that Jim should get properly compensated for. But again, maybe the business model allows for this so the content remains free for everyone.

2) They are competitors. SBNation is competing agains MSM and hoping to eventually defeat them. If this is the case, then Jim should be parlaying this into a bidding war for his services.

3) Jim and the others are doing it for the love of doing it and believe that the world should follow their example. And by having free content be the superior content, we will all live in a happy society where people enjoy the site and buy Jim and the others steak dinners as a thank you.

4) MSM is dependent on ad revenue from circulation and their circulation is dependent on dumbasses. In other words, Jim would bring well informed analysis to the MSM. Let's say that 10% of MSM readers get off on that and 60% scream "this guy doesn't have TWTW!". Well in that case, MSM does not want this quality, ergo no offers made to upgrade the quality of their reporting.

I don't know.

What do you think?

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