The Paul Konerko 100th HBP celebration fanpost

As you might have heard, or not, depending on how closely you follow career HBP totals, Paul Konerko broke into the 100 plunk club on Sunday when he was hit by Samuel Deduno. 100 HBPs!

Konerko is the 79th player in MLB history to get hit by 100 pitches, and if he can collect 3 more for the White Sox, he would be the 25th player to take 100 plunks for one franchise. If someone ever asks you how Paul Konerko got hit by 100 pitches, a good answer would be "one at a time". He's been hit by a pitch in 98 different games, and by 96 different pitchers. He's only been hit twice in the same game two times, and only 4 pitchers have hit him twice. Nobody has hit him 3 times, and among players who have gotten hit by 100 pitches since 1969, only Konerko, Vlad Guerrero and Mark Grudzielanek never got hit 3 times by the same pitcher. (Konerko did get hit 3 times by Roberto Hernandez, but that was two different Roberto Hernandezes, and the one who hit him twice was the Roberto Hernandez who was Fausto Carmona).

In the 98 games Konerko has been hit by a pitch, his teams have won 68 and lost 30. The White Sox are 67-28 when Konerko takes an HBP (though just 1-1 when he's hit twice). He's been hit 46 times US Cellular field, and is currently tied with Carlos Quentin (Q!) for the park HBP record. In the 45 games he's been plunked at that park, the White Sox are 30-15. Konerko is 5-0 against the Cubs and 5-0 against the Blue Jays when plunked. The Royals have hit him the most times, with 13, but the Royals have only plunked Konerko and won the game 3 times out of 13 tries. The Tigers have made the 2nd biggest contribution with 10 plunks, and the White Sox have won 70% of those games.

Of the 100 times Konerko has reached base on a plunk, he came around to score 26 times. He's been hit 7 times with the bases loaded, and that ties him for the most RBI plunks of any active player, with Jason Giambi and AJ Pierzynski. That's the same number of RBI plunks Craig Biggio had among his 285 career HBPs. Since 1969, only Don Baylor, Jason Kendall and Andres Galarraga have had more bases loaded plunks. Also, Konerko's 11 interleague plunks rank tied for 28th in interleague play plunk history, half way to Jason Kendall's interleague record of 22 HBPs.

Below is the full list of Paul Konerko's HBPs. The dates have links to the box score of each game.

Date Pitcher Scored RBI Win
04/07/1998 Willie Blair (ARI) Y N W
04/14/1998 Mark Thompson (COL) Y N L
07/17/1998 Andy Ashby (SDN) Y N L
04/18/1999 Brian Barber (KCA) Y N W
07/24/1999 Kelvim Escobar (TOR) Y N W
04/04/2000 Mike Venafro (TEX) N N L
04/07/2000 Scott Service (OAK) Y N W
04/18/2000 Jose Paniagua (SEA) Y Y W
04/22/2000 Jeff Weaver (DET) Y N W
05/14/2000 Hector Carrasco (MIN) Y N W
06/14/2000 Kane Davis (CLE) N N W
07/23/2000 Pedro Martinez (BOS) N N L
08/11/2000 Paul Wilson (TBA) N N W
09/21/2000 Jason Ryan (MIN) N N W
09/28/2000 Ramon Martinez (BOS) N Y L
05/18/2001 Jim Mecir (OAK) N N L
05/24/2001 Chris Carpenter (TOR) N N W
06/03/2001 Steve Sparks (DET) N N W
06/07/2001 Chad Durbin (KCA) N N W
06/13/2001 Rob Bell (CIN) N N W
06/20/2001 Jason Grimsley (KCA) N N W
07/13/2001 Kerry Wood (CHN) N N W
08/30/2001 Nate Cornejo (DET) N N L
10/07/2001 Brad Radke (MIN) N N L
05/21/2002 Rolando Arrojo (BOS) N N W
06/10/2002 Pedro Astacio (NYN) N N L
06/28/2002 Kerry Wood (CHN) Y N W
07/06/2002 Jason Phillips (CLE) Y N W
07/12/2002 Juan Acevedo (DET) N N L
08/09/2002 Doug Creek (SEA) N Y W
08/13/2002 Joaquin Benoit (TEX) Y N W
09/08/2002 Danys Baez (CLE) N N W
09/13/2002 Mike Mussina (NYA) N N W
04/11/2003 Adam Bernero (DET) N N W
05/14/2003 Rick Helling (BAL) Y N W
07/23/2003 Dan Reichert (TOR) N Y W
09/26/2003 D.J. Carrasco (KCA) Y N W
04/23/2004 Victor Zambrano (TBA) N N W
04/23/2004 Chad Gaudin (TBA) N N W
05/25/2004 Carlos Almanzar (TEX) N N L
06/09/2004 Roberto Hernandez (PHI) N N L
08/18/2004 Jeremy Bonderman (DET) N N W
08/24/2004 Esteban Yan (DET) Y N W
04/29/2005 Troy Percival (DET) N N L
05/01/2005 Wilfredo Ledezma (DET) N N W
05/06/2005 David Bush (TOR) N N W
06/21/2005 Zack Greinke (KCA) Y N W
08/10/2005 Aaron Small (NYA) N N W
04/28/2006 Jeff Weaver (ANA) Y N W
05/07/2006 Mark Redman (KCA) N N W
05/15/2006 Willie Eyre (MIN) N N W
06/04/2006 John Rheinecker (TEX) N N L
06/12/2006 John Koronka (TEX) N N W
08/01/2006 Scott Dohmann (KCA) Y N W
09/01/2006 Ambiorix Burgos (KCA) N Y L
09/22/2006 Emiliano Fruto (SEA) N N L
04/13/2007 Fausto Carmona (CLE) Y N W
06/27/2007 Andy Sonnanstine (TBA) N N W
09/17/2007 Luke Hochevar (KCA) N N W
04/12/2008 Justin Verlander (DET) Y Y W
04/15/2008 Dana Eveland (OAK) Y N W
04/18/2008 Jeff Niemann (TBA) N Y W
07/18/2008 Jimmy Gobble (KCA) N N W
07/20/2008 Brian Bannister (KCA) N N L
08/18/2008 Miguel Batista (SEA) N N W
08/26/2008 Randor Bierd (BAL) N N W
05/02/2009 Brandon McCarthy (TEX) Y N L
05/02/2009 Darren O'Day (TEX) N N L
06/24/2009 Randy Wolf (LAN) N N W
06/27/2009 Ryan Dempster (CHN) N N W
08/01/2009 A.J. Burnett (NYA) Y N W
08/05/2009 Darren Oliver (ANA) N N W
08/06/2009 Ervin Santana (ANA) N N L
08/08/2009 Justin Masterson (CLE) N N W
08/24/2009 Daniel Bard (BOS) N N L
09/09/2009 Edgar Gonzalez (OAK) N N W
04/28/2010 Rich Harden (TEX) N N L
06/12/2010 Carlos Marmol (CHN) N N W
06/15/2010 Brad Lincoln (PIT) N N W
09/16/2010 Carl Pavano (MIN) N N L
09/25/2010 Scott Kazmir (ANA) N N W
04/01/2011 Justin Germano (CLE) Y N W
04/19/2011 James Shields (TBA) N N L
06/01/2011 Saint Timothy Wakefield (BOS) N N W
07/31/2011 Andrew Miller (BOS) N N L
08/30/2011 Anthony Swarzak (MIN) Y N W
09/10/2011 Fausto Carmona (CLE) N N W
09/20/2011 Zach Putnam (CLE) N N W
09/25/2011 Luis Mendoza (KCA) N N L
04/19/2012 Jim Johnson (BAL) N N L
04/24/2012 Tom Milone (OAK) N N L
05/18/2012 Jeff Samardzija (CHN) N N W
07/15/2012 Kelvin Herrera (KCA) N N W
07/27/2012 Alexi Ogando (TEX) N N W
07/30/2012 Cole De Vries (MIN) N N L
08/04/2012 Ervin Santana (ANA) N N L
04/11/2013 Dan Haren (WSH) N N L
04/24/2013 Bryan Shaw (CLE) N N W
06/10/2013 R.A. Dickey (TOR) Y N W
08/18/2013 Samuel Deduno (MIN) N N W

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