BMO 2064-2065: A Look To The Future

As 2064 winds down there are a few questions hanging out there that hopefully will be answered. Some of these questions will be answered in the coming hours, others may take a little longer. We will start with the questions that will be answered first.

Will New York win a 3rd straight series? This is a tough one. Both teams are sending their 3rd starter to the mound but the San Diego Zoo seem to have the hot hand as Tim Schofield has only given up 2 ER in his last 24 innings. Kirra Gary had a better season but hasn't been great in the playoffs allowing 9 ER in just 18 innings. If I were betting I would have my money on the Zoo to take the crown.

Will Sean Ray cement himself with the uber elite and capture a 4th MVP in a row? This seems doubtful given the other worldly seasons by a few other players. Ray is still in elite company though as only Jeff Dostal, Seth Szorcsik, and Jeremiah Balbi have more MVP awards. Jeff Dostal as you may or may not know was a destroyer of worlds. He has 5 MVP's and I'd recommend a visit to the all time leaders section to view his damage. Szorcsik and Balbi each have 4 and were each very impressive as well. If you are interested in more MVP information, take a look at Hazy's work here.

Will Cleveland hitters keep raking in the silver slugger awards? This seems likely as their offense was the 2nd best in the AL. Seattle I'm sure also has a few awards coming their direction.

Now we will move onto the questions that may take a little longer to answer.

What improvements were made to the sim while it was knocked out for a week at the end of 2013? None, but it still seemed right to ponder why something that seemingly takes so little maintenance would be down for a week and come back with no new functionality!

Will crazy bama fan patrolling the Baltimore stands in 2065 help push them past NY? I am not sure if this will help the play on the field but it will certainly control the crowds that were getting out of control in Baltimore. You can tell how bad it was getting because 97532 more people came out to the park in 2064 than in 2063 to participate in the hobo fighting that was happening in the right field SRO section. With crazy bama fan on patrol the hobos should feel better about their chances of enjoying a game in peace.

Is Craig going to stick around and use all of that newly acquired talent to push Minnesota back to the top? We certainly hope so and his run of dominance in the 50's showed that he is great at putting a team together. Toronto in the 40's looks like it may be the only run that was better. After all of that it is understandable that the thought of a rebuild would ause the heart to wander.

As always, if you are interested in joining the fun let us know in the comments and we will set you up with a team.

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