RRRR: On the cheap

Our last discussion about snacks and specifically combos led to Troop talking about how good the deals can be at CVS with their extra bucks at times. Indeed, I check the CVS website to see what their current deals are. It’s part of something I do weekly, which is a quite look at digital coupons for stores we shop at, namely Target and Trader Joes. Awhile ago I was talking with a friend and that came up, and he was like "So wait, you clip coupons?" Yeup. Why wouldn’t you if you can save a few bucks? I also pick up the flyer when i go into one of the few grocery stores that I shop at to see what they've got on sale. I don’t know about others, but it seems that coupon clipping just isn’t a thing with my peers the way it was for all the older folks I was around when i grew up. It’s just one of those little home-econ things that has gone by the wayside. I mean, I know a lot of my friends are more well off than average, but they sure ain’t the millionaire next door (who tends to get there by doing things like clipping coupons even though they can afford not to.) I know there are also those extreme couponer people, but that’s a whole different level.

There are some other "old school" things for saving money that seem to have been enjoying a resurgence with my age bracket however. I know we’ve had conversations about slow-cookers before, but I see more and more people my age discovering and using them cause you can easily make a whole lotta tasty food dirt cheap with them. I’ve got a new once every three weeks or so recipe I’ve done twice now and will be repeating many more times-

It’s great. For like $12-15 worth of groceries, we end up getting two taco dinners, then I split the rest, freezing enough for one more taco dinner, and taking the other leftover half, mixing it with some scrambled eggs and the rice I make to go with the tacos which I alway have leftovers of, a little cheese, wrapped up in some tortillas and throw in the freezer for 3-4 quick microwaved breakfasts. That’s pretty good bang for the buck.

Another other old school money saving thing I’ve recently started- Double edged wet shaving. With the cost of the mach 7 or whatever they are at now being ridiculous, I came across the reddit group /r/wicked_edge and did some reading there. Wasn’t long before I put a bunch of stuff on my christmas wishlist.

I asked for and got this setup- Razor_medium

It takes longer to shave, but I gotta say, it feels pretty damn good to go through the whole process. There certainly is a learning curve, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m rarely nicking myself. While there is a bit of an initial investment in a handle, The best part is the cost of the blades. An 8 pack of Mach Three blades is like $20. That same $20 will get you 100 double edge blades, each which are good for usually 4 shaves. I just wish I had started doing this much earlier in life.

It’s not like these things save a whole ton of money, but a lot of little things certainly add up. Enough to justify an extra trip or two to the Cell, that’s for sure.

So, topic of discussion- Ways you save a buck or two, be it cheap yet filling recipes or other.

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