SSS fantasy baseball is back!

Pitchers & catchers have reported, and now it's your turn.

This will be the sixth consecutive year of the current incarnation of the SSS fantasy leagues, and in all likelihood, the fourth consecutive year of dominance by yours truly in SSS1.

For those who haven't played before, we run the leagues in a promotion/relegation format, with two leagues in recent years. (We'll happily add a third if there's enough interest.) Bottom 4 in SSS1 get bumped to SSS2 the next year, and the top 4 in SSS2 move up.

(Unfortunately, there's nowhere to go from the top of SSS1, even if you've won for three years straight. All you have is the dubious comfort of endless gloating.)

This is a free league on Yahoo! (side bets are neither encouraged nor policed) with these simple strong requests:

  1. Show up for the draft
  2. Stay active and maintain your team
  3. All the usual 'Play Nice' stuff (no collusion or dumping, play to win, don't be a jerk, etc)

That's it! No experience, no shirt, no shoes, no problem.

Interested? Then leave a comment below with an email address. Or, if you prefer, you can email me -- the address is jackiehayes, followed by the abbreviation for second base (like first base is 1b, third base is 3b) with no space or punctuation between, at yahoo dot com. If you email me, I need to know the name you post under at SSS, as well. (A few people expressed interest at the end of last season -- I haven't forgotten, and you will get invites, worry not.)

Finally, I need to hear from someone in SSS2 so that we can get invites out to the promotees & relegatees.

So get yer rankings ready, then bump up Jose Abreu another round, and let's get this moving!

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