BMO: 2066-2006: Looking for new players

The dates in the title are not a typo. Baseball Manager Online needs new life. We are looking for anyone interested in running a fantasy baseball team to sign up and take over a team as we reset the league back to 2006. This will allow you the opportunity to get in at the beginning of a new league and rewrite history for the team you control with player names you actually know. 2006 was chosen by our commissioner because we couldn't operate in a fake world where the White Sox didn't win the World Series in 2005.

Here are some of the simple questions asked and answered:

What is BMO?
BMO puts you in charge of a MLB franchise. You sign free agents, set ticket prices, and a tv broadcast policy. Additionally, you set spending for scouting, medical, and farm system. Once you have a team you choose which players to sign to extensions, which players let hit free agency, or pay a penalty to get out from under a bad contract early.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
The league here at SSS simulates 20 days each real day. 10 days each are simulated at 9am and 9pm eastern time. Between those times you have 12 hours to spend as much or as little time as you like adjusting your lineup and pitching staff for injuries or effectiveness, signing or trading players, etc. I imagine that most players spend only a few minutes a day looking at their teams.

I'm worried about being terrible about this, should I still join?
Yes. The other owners are here to help. Ask us questions in the comments of these BMO fanposts and we will help you figure it out. Owners of another league also put together this primer that is a good starting point

What is the cost?
There is no monetary cost. The league is free to join and play for all.

How do I signup?
1. Visit the website, register, and comment below (so we can welcome you)
2. E-mail the commissioner and he will add you to the league

Does the league work like real baseball?
For the most part but there are two main differences we can't change. The first is Houston's permanent place in the NL and the other is there is no second wild card team.

If you have more questions just submit them in the comments below.

Now for a state of the league at the end of 2066:

The AL west is the current embarrassment to baseball (this is a roaming title that picks a different division every few years). Texas was able to take the division with a .500 record. Oakland showed improvement after several years of nearly 100 losses. Seattle had been the class of the division but took a few steps back. Los Angeles has consistently in the 75 win range for a few years now.

In the AL Central Minnesota is positioned to be at the top of the division for awhile, completing a rebuild that only took 2 seasons. Chicago despite not having an owner was a pesky team to deal with and nearly took the division. Detroit has been solid winning 85 games but unable to get past the other 2 teams the last seasons. Kansas City and Cleveland were just bad at baseball.

The AL East was once again the toughest division in baseball with 3 teams that won 100 games or more. Tampa Bay and Boston were not those teams however. They were both not very good. Toronto just missed out on making the playoffs for the second straight year losing to Baltimore in game 163. New York won the division and the World Series for the 5th straight year. This may actually be the reason for the reset because nobody wants to live in a world where the Yankees are a dynasty.

The NL continues to be on autopilot. The biggest note is that the Dodgers made the World Series for the first time in BMO history. Pittsburgh, New York, and Atlanta were the other playoff teams.

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