RRRR: In the not too distant future

next Tuesday AD. Check this out-

So, I’m really hoping that this isn’t some early April Fools shenanigans. This stupid weather has been enough of a joke on all of us. There is a baseball game in 8 days and there is frickin’ snow on the ground this morning. GAH!!!

Snow isn’t going to stop my plans for the evening. I just bought a new grill and I plan on firing that sucker up. True to form, got a great deal on it, last years model on clearance for 60% off, and it was the last one/floor model that had a few cosmetic flaws good for another 20% off. I haven’t been able to have a full size grill in many years, so I’m really looking forward to using it a lot. First up, some burgers. These require some work, but totally worth it-

As we roll into spring, there are some other things to look forward to, but the weather has got to be number one at this point. I’ve already got a few trips to Ravinia planned (Hall and Oates and the CSO performing The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.) The other thing way up there- We’ve renewed our membership to the Botanic Gardens, it’ been awhile since I’ve gone and taken a stroll up there, we plan to do so more this year.

Gonna try to get some camping in sooner rather than later as well. I didn’t go at all last year and that just didn’t sit right with my soul. I figure I’ll try and go car camping with the wife and then hopefully get a backcountry trip in later in the season without her. She doesn’t mind camping, but her condition is that there has to be flushing toilets wherever we go. What fun is that?

Then there is a trip out to the West Coast for a wedding. Plans have yet to be finalized but it’s looking more and more like it can happen. I haven’t been out to California since I was like 8 years old, so I’m especially looking forward to that.

Topic for discussion - Got anything you are looking forward to now that we are finally thawing out?

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