Sabado Not-So-Gigante: What is up with the White Sox on Saturdays?

So I was watching the White Sox unfortunately drop another game to the Padres today. They were wearing their classic 1980s uniforms, which I like, but I was wondering... it seemed like they were losing a lot in those uniforms so I got to wondering, what's their track record by uniform this season so far? I went through their wins & losses so far, Tribune's photos from the games (had to fill in 4 gaps with doing image searches with dated captions for days the Tribune didn't post photos) to construct their track record by uniform. The results are in the image below (current through May 31st). Turns out, the days of the week are more interesting than their uniform W-L records: (I'll post the image in the first comment for display)

Simple key:

white= home uniforms

gray= road uniforms

black= black topped uniform

red= 1980s retro uniforms

bold= home game

italic= road game

Yeah, their 1980s uniform is 2-6 this season. The home whites are 14-6, the road grays are 10-12, the black uniform is 2-3 but the most telling W-L stat is Saturdays. They are 0-9 for Saturdays this season! This translates into giving them a nasty weekday/weekend split. On weekdays, they go 21-17, but on weekends, they are 6-12 (Memorial Day Monday counted as a weekend day). Saturday is dragging down their weekend W-L record, Sundays they are 5-3 (including their only 2 wins in their 1980s uniforms this season). Whether they are wearing white, gray, black, or their 1980s duds, on Saturdays, they can't seem to pull out a win.

So, any ideas why the White Sox have been utterly awful on Saturdays this season? They do decent to good on Fridays (5-4) and Sundays (5-3). BTW, their best day is Monday (6-2) and the only other day they record more losses than wins is Thursdays (2-4). Any ideas for the White Sox patching up their Saturday hole? Without Saturdays, the White Sox would currently be at .583.

Just something interesting I noticed.

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