BMO 2016-2017: Skynet takes over

In 2014 and 2015 teams with no general managers beat Oakland in the World Series (Colorado and Philadelphia). This has to make us question everything. Is Skynet really taking over? Are any of us any good at running our organizations? Will we collectively have to create a super team to stop Skynet from destroying all of baseball?

There is a future BMO announcement out of Tampa this week. The announcement is that Mr. and Mrs. Krasmer will have an heir to the franchise in approximately BMO 2030. The future Krasmer should be ready to take over the franchise in BMO year 2678. The Krasmer's issued the following statement, "Little Krasmer is a freight train from hell, the rest of the league would be wise to heed this warning and get out of the way".

A very quick look around the league:

AL East - Toronto and Baltimore look like the most well rounded teams in the division. New York might try to out-slug the other teams. Boston and Tampa still have plenty of work to do.

AL Central - Minnesota is the current class of the division but every team other than Chicago looks close enough to compete in the coming year. Kansas City has publicly stated it plans to rededicate itself in the coming season.

AL West - Oakland still looks best but Seattle took a step closer this year. Texas has the offense but no the pitching yet. Los Angeles is still following their long term rebuilding strategy and stock piling young talented prospects.

NL East - Philadelphia looks like it will take a step back after the World Series. Washington and Atlanta look to be the next contenders out of the group. New York is rebuilding.

NL Central - Chicago won the division. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh look like the only 2 teams that have no shot of competing in 2016.

NL West - San Diego won the division but Colorado looks stronger at the moment. San Francisco won a WS a few years ago but has fallen on hard times

Free Agency has just kicked off so all of the teams have a chance to make moves that can change the current landscape.

Do you want to get in on this?

You should! Don't make us wait for Krasmer's evil spawn to join the league before we get our next new GM. Let us know that you are interested in the comments below and we will set you up with a team.

Here is your link to BMO Fun.

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