Footage of the White Sox and Giants in London, 1914

Thanks to @buckweaver, who discovered that British Pathé archive just posted footage of the White Sox and Giants playing in London on Feb. 26, 1914.

Charlotte Knights Team/Stadium

Hey everybody, I found a couple of nice pieces on the new Charlotte Knight's stadium and their team.

The '93 White Sox, RV, and Ryan from Ryan's perspective

something from Nolan Ryan's new book on the fight.

How To Fix Baseball's OPOS Problem

Major League Baseball has the oldest fans of the four major U.S. professional sports. During the World Series last fall, according to data gathered by Sports Media Watch, roughly half of TV viewers were 55 or older—and only 6 percent were under the age of 18. For the whole of last season, the median age for viewers of nationally telecast baseball games on Fox (FOXA), ESPN (DIS), TBS (TWX), and the MLB Network was more than 54 years old.

Sox are king in Chicago

Although the marketing department wouldn't like this map, I sure do. The Sox are the most favored team in our own city. The Cubs do have the outer areas. Maybe they should move their stadium out there somewhere? I'm sure there is a lot of land in Iowa for them to build.

Serious Shift: Switching Defense Here To Stay

Baseball's approach to defense, long unchanged except for the gloves getting bigger, is undergoing the most radical change in strategy since the Reconstruction Era. Defensive shifting, which started as a trend several years ago, is becoming epidemic. Major League teams "shifted" 8,134 times last season, compared with just 2,357 in 2011. Aided by increasingly complex technology, the most forward-thinking teams create different schemes and setups for virtually every batter, then switch it up, depending on the pitch count.

GIFs: Leury Garcia's magic-loogie 5-6-3


Prince Fielder's grounder against the shift forced Leury Garcia to turn a double play on a feed from third. But that was the second-strangest thing about the double play.

Woodrow WIlson: The first fantasy baseball player

"Wilson recorded the starting lineup of the Light Foot Base Ball Club in his copy of Elements of Physical Geography. These ninth-grade textbook doodlings have been preserved, along with a list of racehorses 'arranged by age and speed.' One year later, before moving from Augusta to Columbia, South Carolina, he went from listmaker to perhaps the inventor of fantasy baseball. Here’s the previously untold story."

Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics

A free online course taught by Andy Andres through EdX. It doesn't start until May, but you certainly can sign up now.


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