Konerko placed on waivers, Orioles may have some interest

I can´t see why but it has been reported that the Orioles may have some interest in acquiring Paulie.

Classic 1981 Bill Veeck feature revisted by Grantland

"Director's Cut" of Thomas Boswell's great January 1981 Inside Sports feature on Veeck (with new commentary by Boswell & Mike Veeck). A great look at Veeck in his final days as Sox owner.

Ozzie Guillen for team mascot

He can be the fun side attraction.

Just ran into this

Perhaps it's been posted before. If so sorry for the redundancy. Lots of memories here. Ran into Nancy once several years ago playing at a convention reception at the Hyatt - very nice!

Southpaw is available for rent!

Based on a Wall Street Journal audit of the mascot-rental industry, almost every one of the 26 major-league mascots is available for school visits, charity events or private parties. Note: The Angels, Cubs, Dodgers and Yankees don't have mascots, though the Cubs can offer the Cubs Trolley. What individual mascots will do and what they cost vary widely. Mr. Met costs $600 for a one-hour appearance. The Phillie Phanatic also gets $600 for a private party, but $300 for a visit to a non-profit, while the Mariner Moose's fee ranges from free for schools and hospitals to $600 for an hour-long corporate event. I say we rent Southpaw for next year's methup.

How much action isn't there in baseball? Pompous Brit WSJ reporter discusses

Douchebag reporter with a heavy English accent suggests baseball is almost as boring as cricket. A week after July 4th. Coincidence? I think not.

Jim Thome rejoins special assistant to the GM.

According to Mark Gonzales, Thome's duties will include "consulting with Hahn and assistant general manager Buddy Bell, working with the Sox major league staff and players, and visiting Sox minor league teams during the summer and evaulating players." Welcome back to the South Side, Gentleman Batsman.

Remembering Wilbur

Nice little writeup at fangraphs on the fortieth anniversary of Wilbur Wood's prodigious Sunday afternoon feat.

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