MLB News

Newest White Sox may be old ones after deadline

Matt Lindstrom and Avisail Garcia are aching to return as the rumor mill remains quiet

Reading Room: Tigers pony up for a closer

Plus: Rick Hahn on various topics, Tyler Flowers' mad dash to the hospital, and more

Signing Carlos Rodon: It's only money


Astros' tug-of-war with Brady Aiken shows there are worse things to fight over than money

Reading Room: No Home Run Derby for Jose Abreu


Plus: The Red Sox miss out on Abreu's talent, Masahiro Tanaka will try to avoid surgery, and other stories of the day

Rising Tide: A Seattle Mariners preview


A look ahead at the White Sox' final new opponent of 2014

No White Sox surprises in leaked Astros emails

Accurate or not, purported communications between clubs fit neatly in Rick Hahn's offseason narrative

Everybody wants Jose Abreu in the Home Run Derby

American League captain Jose Bautista will try to recruit White Sox slugger's services during Toronto series

Buck's Birdies: A Baltimore Orioles preview

A look ahead at the second opponent on the 11-game road trip

Reading Room: Gavin Floyd breaks his elbow

Plus: Chris Sale pranks Scott Carroll, and Nate Jones and Avisail Garcia are traveling with the team

Reading Room: Hahn on Rodon

Plus: Hector Noesi and Jose Abreu keep hanging tough, and that whole thing with Manny Machado was weird


Proven closers have problems, too

Detroit Tigers mulling late-inning changes as Joe Nathan continues to struggle

Spare no expense: A Los Angeles Dodgers preview

A look ahead at the team with baseball's biggest payroll

Praying for Hits: A San Diego Padres preview

A look ahead at our third NL West Opponent

White Sox hitters between pitches

The only guy who can slow down Conor Gillaspie is Conor Gillaspie

Ramirez, Abreu garnering All-Star support

Multiple White Sox position players worthy of consideration this year

Reading Room: Hector Santiago demoted to Triple-A

Plus: Jose Abreu is still in a boot, Adam Dunn is a financial wizard, and the White Sox get some support at the Hall of Fame

Expensive Antiques: A New York Yankees preview

A look ahead at the Bronx Bombers

Another year, another Yankee farewell tour


Derek Jeter's career against the White Sox hasn't been particularly memorable, but it'll still be commemorated somehow

Rock Bottom: A Houston Astros preview


A look ahead at the worst team in the American League

Gavin Floyd trying to make White Sox miss him

Recovery from Tommy John surgery going much better than expected in Atlanta, and the White Sox could use him right about now

Venom Needed: An Arizona Diamondbacks preview

A look ahead at our second NL West opponent

The rebuilding continues: A Chicago Cubs preview

A look ahead at the crosstown rivals

Right on Q: Cuban baseball and unique stress.


The story of Yasiel Puig's defection illustrates the unique pressures faced by Cuban baseball players.

Following up: Avisail waits for spring training

Plus: Jake Peavy and A.J. Pierzynski discuss South Side situations, and the service-time debate rages in Arizona

Catching up: Conference call; Montreal baseball

White Sox's senior director of baseball operations talks to bloggers, and Olympic Stadium hosts Major League Baseball again

Expanded replay not leading to reversals

Umpires' original calls stand despite video evidence to the contrary this week

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