White Sox News

Reading Room: Tigers pony up for a closer

Plus: Rick Hahn on various topics, Tyler Flowers' mad dash to the hospital, and more

Adam Eaton doesn't need all his fingers

Banged-up downplaying effect of jammed (or broken) digit with words, play

Danks, Viciedo rumors start simmering again


John Danks rumors started to bubble first today, but then the Dayan Viciedo pot started to boil.

De Aza showing value as trade deadline nears

Resurgence might be too late for exciting offers, but it's better than what Gordon Beckham's been doing

The Royals need this series

Three games in Chicago could change the course of the AL Central as the trade deadline approaches

What 2 (to) watch 4 (for) in the second (2nd) half


The biggest one may be answered before the end of the month

Off day theater: Frank doc, 1993 game tonight

CSN Chicago debuts special to commemorate Big Hurt's Hall of Fame induction

GIFs Ahoy: Moises Sierra, dugout All-Star


Fourth outfielder has become first ringleader of dugout antics since joining team in May

PRESENTED BY 953440453_mcdonaldsclubhouse_stb

White Sox All-Star Game review

Alexei Ramirez makes the most out of his first All-Star Game, while Jose Abreu and Chris Sale were happy to be there

Signing Carlos Rodon: It's only money

Astros' tug-of-war with Brady Aiken shows there are worse things to fight over than money


White Sox option Andre Rienzo to Charlotte

Carlos Sanchez reportedly heading to Cleveland to join White Sox for last game of first half

Let the John Danks trade rumors begin!


It all started innocently.  Matt Zaleski, a White Sox organizational soldier, was going to make a spot start for the Charlotte Knights tonight instead of the scheduled starter Deuente Heath.  In an...

Reading Room: No Home Run Derby for Jose Abreu


Plus: The Red Sox miss out on Abreu's talent, Masahiro Tanaka will try to avoid surgery, and other stories of the day

Chris Sale wins the AL All-Star Final Vote


#TargetSale for win

Scott Boras gets top dollar for Carlos Rodon


White Sox first-round draft pick signs for $6.582 million, a franchise record and well above slot

Bullpen reminds everybody Sox are rebuilding


Underlying issues with relief pitching are out of Robin Ventura's control

Report: Carlos Rodon signing tomorrow


News has come out from Raleigh, NC that Carlos Rodon is on his way to Chicago now.

Chris Sale leading the AL Final Vote



Avisail Garcia isn't dead yet

Rick Hahn says injured outfielder is ahead of schedule, and also downplays the the White Sox' need to deal

Talking about #TargetSale


Condor has lightest workload of impressive Final Vote ballot, but the heftiest national profile

Jose Abreu, Alexei Ramirez All-Stars


Chris Sale doesn't make the cut, but he could be a late addition to the roster

Questioning Robin Ventura's questionable decisions


Pinch-hitting with Leury Garcia worked out better than staying with John Danks, which means the White Sox manager got what he deserved

Viciedo, Beckham offer answers in June


It wasn't the best of times, but the White Sox should know what they're dealing with -- and potentially dealing in July

No White Sox surprises in leaked Astros emails


Accurate or not, purported communications between clubs fit neatly in Rick Hahn's offseason narrative

White Sox bullpen descends into meritocracy

Robin Ventura will be making up the ninth inning as he goes along for the foreseeable future

Doubling the White Sox' numbers after 81 games


Jose Abreu is on pace to set the rookie record for home runs, while Conor Gillaspie is trying to make history without a homer

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