Ozzie doesn't understand the people out there


[Scot Gregor] "I don't understand the people out there,'' Guillen said. "I don't get it. I sit with (general manager) Kenny (Williams) and we try to do stuff, and all of a sudden we get pounded...

Open Thread


Just got in and I see the last thread is filling up; so here's an open thread btw, here's a quote from coop: Heading into the series with Minnesota, manager Ozzie Guillen said left-handed...

"If he says he did whatever he did, he did whatever he did."


[Mike Downey] In comes a new pitcher and up comes Carlos Quentin. One pitch and over the left-field fence it goes. "Did you throw him a fastball?" Texas pitcher C.J. Wilson is asked. "I threw...

Danks eager for tonight's game


[Scot Gregor] "I heard plenty last year that I tired out in the second half, that I wasn't physically ready,'' Danks said. "When I was working out in the off-season, I had that on the top of my...

Ozzie Guillen on Pablo Ozuna's DFA


[Mark Gonzales] "If some players didn't like the move, well it's easy to do," Guillen said before the game. "Just tell Ozuna to stay here and [they can] go to the minor leagues [in his place]." ...

Juan Uribe is the front-runner for the 2nd base job


[Scott Merkin]: Ozzie Guillen disagrees with the assessment that if [Alexei] Ramirez can play shortstop, which he has done adeptly during Spring Training, then he should be able to naturally make...

The Torpedo Boat weighs in on the Cabrera trade


and he wants the 2nd base job: "Yeah, [the Cabrera trade] was a shock, not a shock, but I heard the news and I was like, `Wait a second, they just signed me to a contract and then they made the...

Phil Rogers' pitching observations


Phil Rogers has a few observations: Mike MacDougal looked good throwing from the bullpen mounds in Tucson on Sunday. So, too, did Javier Vazquez, who appears to have passed Mark Buehrle to become...

Revisionist History 101 with professor Keith Foulke


[Chicago Tribune] "I never considered myself a closer," Foulke said. "I've always been [just] a bullpen guy. Sometimes pitching in the seventh inning is more valuable than pitching in the ninth." ...

Ozzie wants to be Ozzie


Enough sensitivity training says Ozzie: "I'm getting back to being Ozzie. I'm going to have fun and smile with the players, but if I have to scream at someone, I'm going to do it. I don't [care] if...


2008 Draft Class


It's shaping up nicely says BA's Jim Callis: The strength of the draft varies from year to year. The 2005 draft, the best this decade, featured an outstanding group of high school outfielders and...

Running the White Sox


Here's the one Sox item I found today (thanks to Baseball Musings): Voros McCracken notes base running isn't the problem for the White Sox: The Chicago Tribune has a story about the White Sox new...

And now batting leadoff for the Chicago White Sox ...


Maybe Ozzie isn't as crazy as I thought. Nahhh, it's probably the winter weather: Guillen's focus will be on finding a leadoff hitter. Center fielder Jerry Owens seems to be general manager Ken...

Brian Anderson wants some playing time


somewhere in America: Brian Anderson won't be in attendance at SoxFest this weekend, and if he gets his ultimate wish, Anderson won't be with the White Sox when Spring Training begins in February....

Why go after Johan Santana when Paul Konerko can provide almost the same impact?


Phil Rogers' talent is wasted: Despite spending more than all three of the East's perennial also-rans (Toronto, Baltimore and Tampa Bay), the Yankees somehow don't have a first baseman. Doug...

2nd base is an open competition


Kenny on who'll be at 2nd base: [W]hile Cabrera has his middle infield position locked down for the upcoming campaign, the same certainty cannot be extended to Richar at second base. "It's an open...

Paul from Las Vegas is back!


from Scott Merkin's mailbag: What do you think about this: Joe Crede to the San Francisco Giants for Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez? Merkin tries to say 'Sabean isn't that big of a moron' gently: H...

How quickly could Kenny dismantle this?


2-3 years? John Sickels' Tampa Bay Devil Rays Top 20 Prospects for 2008 Evan Longoria, 3B, Grade A David Price, LHP, Grade A Jacob McGee, LHP, Grade A Wade Davis, RHP, Grade B+ Reid Brignac,...

Kenny Williams says building a bullpen is a full-time job


[USA Today] "There is no tried and true way to put a bullpen together," Chicago White Sox general manager Ken Williams says. "There are too many moving parts. It never ends."

The Goose is in!


The Goose is the newest (and only) member of Baseball's HOF: 2008 Results Player Total Votes Percentage Rich Gossage 466 85.8% Jim Rice ...

2008 HOF vote results


You don't have to wait for tomorrow. THT's Chris Jaffe has the results already!: Here's how I see the 2008 vote going, with last year's tallies throw in for comparison. Name % ...

Kenny says he has a plan


And I was afraid he doesn't: In addition to sending top pitching prospects Gio Gonzalez and Fautino De Los Santos to the A's for Nick Swisher, the White Sox also traded veteran starter Jon Garland...

He's a tough son-of-a-gun!


Kenny on Nick Swisher: "For us, [attitude] is almost as equal to the talent, because, in our particular market, it is such that you have to be a fighter, you have to be a tough son-of-a-gun to come...

Nick Swisher's 2008 White Sox ZiPS Projection


[Dan Szymborski @ BBTF]: 2008 ZiPS Projection - Nick Swisher ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO ...



Is that a code-word for 'soon to be traded'? From Scott Merkin's 2008 preview: Despite the above list of big-ticket players who have decided to go elsewhere, their absence really just leaves...

White Sox GM Kenny Williams: I read SSS and so should you


Kenny, Detroit got Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis and got better: "I get that too. There's a flip side to that as well. Let's say we acquire [Miguel] Cabrera and we give up Josh Fields, John...

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