White Sox GM Kenny Williams: Money? What money?


Seems like the "Hunter" money pulled a disappearing act: Some disgruntled fans wanted Williams to offer more money to Hunter or at least spend the $75 million earmarked over five years for the...

White Sox Holiday shopping list


The new guy, Jaryd Wilson, over at The Bard's Room has a few suggestions for the Sox Holiday shopping list: With the Holiday season in full swing, I thought I would write my inaugural column about...

Another one bites the dust


From the Slow News Day dept.: What do you call 53 people sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl? The Chicago Bears. ***** In other news, I missed this one but Jim didn't. According to the...

Desperately Seeking a Shortstop


From Phil Rogers' 'Give a 3-year extension to Orlando Cabrera' column: The White Sox have two shortstops coming, but both are a long way off. Virginia Commonwealth's Sergio Miranda was a steal in...

Sunday Thread


From BTB's article on Logan White, the Dodgers Scouting and Draft wizard: Another thing the team can lay rep to; having some of the better recent draft classes around, and therefore top farm system...

Don Cooper is mad


That MVP belongs to Big Frank: "If you're not guilty of something, you're the first one yelling about it. This is a guy standing up for himself and saying, 'I might be a lot of different things,...

The problem with Mike Cameron


[Mark Gonzales]: Of the remaining free agent center fielders, Mike Cameron will start the season serving a 25-game suspension for his second violation for testing positive for a stimulant. C...

Kenny Williams batting .750


Kenny has hit 3 out of 4 targets. It's the last target that gives Kenny problems: Williams set out to achieve four personnel goals when the White Sox offseason began, determined to not let what...

The Legend won't be coming to the South Side


[SF Chronicle]: The Giants have acquired a new center fielder, and he will be in San Francisco for a long time. The team will announce this afternoon it has signed Aaron Rowand to a five-year...

Kenny Williams outsourcing White Sox GM duties


Well, not really but it's a funny headline. Here's Bobby Jenks: "There are still things we can do to improve, whether it's getting that Japanese outfielder (Kosuke Fukudome), or trading some of our...

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