Be like Mark


Coop wants more first-pitch strikes and relying on his defense from Danks in order to cut down his walks: "Pitching to contact early will cut down the walks. He can't fall behind anymore. There...

No Pitching Acquisitions says Kenny Williams


[Joe Cowley]: If there were any thoughts that the White Sox would look to add to the starting rotation, general manager Ken Williams put that to rest on Wednesday. Asked about entering the season...

El Caballo!


Kenny on Carlos Quentin: "He's been a guy we've wanted for a long time, and felt he could fit for a long time. He can hit -- he's an absolute hitter -- and he can get on base. He's solid...

What's up with the Walker love?


[Scott Merkin]: Leaving behind Greg Walker, a man Rowand refers to as "not only the best hitting coach in baseball, hands down, but also one of my best friends," Rowand was forced to rely more on...

Kenny Williams says "It doesn't have to be a center fielder."


Kenny on his shopping list going to the Winter Meetings says enough teams will provide matches for a trade but: "It doesn't have to be a center fielder. We can stay with [Jerry] Owens in center...

Kenny's new plan


Kenny on his plans after failing to get Torii: "We have a Plan 1 and 1A and 1B and then there is Plan B," Williams said in a telephone interview. So where is he now? "Plan 1B," he replied. Does...

Sweeney is fixing his swing


[Scott Merkin]: It took Ryan Sweeney almost the entirety of the Arizona Fall League to produce his first extra-base hit, eventually finishing with one home run and two doubles. But the 22-year-old...

Winter ball? Who cares says Brian Anderson


Joey Cora is a candidate for Pittsburgh's managerial opening. [Scott Merkin]: The second half of the Mexican League's current winter schedule will begin with a roster spot reserved for Brian...

Ticket sales will be going up next year


John Sickels is reviewing his Crystal Ball predictions. Here's the John Danks entry: Crystal Ball: 14 starts, 72 innings, 73 hits, 52 runs, 48 earned, 14 homers, 46 walks, 69 strikeouts, 2-8,...

Ozzie Guillen to implement his offensive style


Walker on next season's plans: "We looked at how we're going to do spring training, went back to the drawing board. There will be a lot of changes. We took the approach up until now that if it...

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