Does Rick Hahn have what it takes?

Continued fashion mistakes put White Sox general manager Rick Hahn firmly in the hot seat. The closet he built for 2014 just isn't good enough for the majors.

5 alternatives to Adam Eaton's victory leap

The mission: preserve the fun while saving his legs

White Sox legend Donny Lucy elected to CAC


Discussing Donny Lucy's election to the California Avocado Commission and his position on the growing guacamole gap.

131st Annual South Side Sox Awards


Announcing the 2013 winners of the South Side Sox Awards.

Simulation scandal!


The new White Sox GM engineered a dramatic roster revision, but it's not working out

SBN Hot Stove Simulation


This is not real. It is just an update on the SBN Simulation. Don't get excited.

What was Rick Hahn wearing?


White Sox general manager Rick Hahn gets out-suited by new signing Jose Abreu.


SSS Scouting Reports, 2013

Player Name: Barb, RhuClub Affiliation: SSS Gold (Miles Edition)Position: SOBHeight: 6'1"Weight:122 lbs Physical Description: Has beating heart. BAC approaching 1%. Robust lungs contain fair share...

Alex Rios and the elephant in the room.


The White Sox have been playing above .500 baseball since Alex Rios packed his bags for Texas, a clear example of addition by subtraction.

Questions White Sox beat writers ask


Offering some tongue-in-cheek advice to White Sox beat writers on what questions to ask players.


Gordon Beckham: Important engagement analysis!

Get the scoop on the White Sox second baseman's major announcement in the worst thing ever published on this site.

SSS Mailbag


West coast start time only means one thing. The mailbag has been a little light recently so be sure to get in your questions. Let's dive right into the questions we have. The woeful minor-league...

South Side Sox Exclusive: Donny Lucy retires from Major League Baseball


Analyzing the ramification of the retirement of White Sox catcher Donny Lucy.

Happy Anniversary, South Side Sox!


Remember, remember the 18th of November South Side Revolution and plot. I see no reason why South Side Revolution Should ever be forgot. Comrades, today is a great day.  Today is the anniversary...

What we lost when A.J. Pierzynski didn't win


A.J. Pierzynski was a finalist for the Gold Glove awards, and it's a shame he didn't win, because the reaction would have been a sight to behold.

The Padded Cell: Adam Interlude


TP invited me to take the reins for a bit.  The flat screen is his.  The old name brand recliner mottled with beer and pizza stains from way back when, his.  The glass topped coffee table, the big...



The White Sox feel the same things you do!

Donny Lucy has risen!


Welcome to the first congregation of the Church of Donny.  At South Side Sox, we realize that there are many of you out there who still have not accepted Donny as your (and the White Sox') savior. ...

Tampa: The other White Sox spring training site


This year, White Sox fans have two options when it comes to picking a spring training destination: Glendale or Tampa.

Hey Guys! It's Your Old Pal, OC.


Hello from warm, sunny Colombia!  Wow, how things have changed in just a few months! That Kenny Williams sure strikes fast, huh.  Adam Dunn is the exact opposite of me - I guess that's why he has a...

The Cheat's Dominion of Dereliction Must End


Comrades, I speak to you today of a matter of the utmost urgency.  A matter that affects us all.  Indeed, a matter that wounds my black heart.  The Cheat must be overthrown. I know this shocks some...

Hey, Guys! It's Your Old Pal, OC.


Hello from Cincinnati!  I haven't spoken to you guys in a while so I wanted to check in, see how everyone is doing. Boy, those Twins sure did a number on you all again this year, huh. You guys...

SSS Mailbag


West coast start time means it's that time again.  Let's get right into the questions. I've got a spreadsheet where I project wins out to the end of the season. I use runs scored vs. runs allowed,...

SSS Mailbag


Looks like it's that time again.  Let's get right to the questions. Why is Jenks still on this team? Am I the only one who sees he doesn't have it anymore, including Ozzie? How many blown saves...

Merry Christmas, Guys! It's Your Old Pal, OC.


Hello from sunny Colombia! I haven't spoke to you guys in a while so I wanted to check in, see how everyone is doing and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I'm doing okay.  This...

SSS Mailbag


We always enjoy getting questions here at SSS so let's delve right in. What do you hear about the plans for the future of Jared Mitchell? Since his game seems to be more advanced at a young age,...

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