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Projections Update: Rangers Regain Edge

Last night, Mike Napoli and Derek Holland helped the Rangers tie up the World Series and retake the lead in our projections. The Fall Classic will now run six games for only the second time in eight years, and the underdog Cardinals (2:1) will have a shot to win it all at home.

Subjectivity Objectified: The 2011 Bias-Neutral MLB All-Stars (Part II)

How much impact did bias have on the MLB All-Star vote? According to these numbers, the NL lineup would have looked quite different.


2011 Kids HR Derby Contest at MLB HRD

This is a video of the 12u and 15 u Kids HR Derby contest during commercial break during the 2011 HR Derby at Chase field.  These kids won the Fan Fest Home Run Derby Contest to compete on the...

Subjectivity Objectified: The 2011 Bias-Neutral All-Stars (Part I)

Everyone knows that the MLB All-Star vote is heavily influenced by fan biases. How would this year's results have looked if we took homerism out of the equation?

Orlando Hudson is nuts as proven by this interview

An absolutely insane interview with O-Dawg.

If the Season Ended Yesterday: A Phanatic Phinish

Should the Phillies win the World Series, they have Prince Fielder to thank, among others. His phenomenal performance in the 2011 All Star Game helped secure home field for the National League, which is currently worth two percentage points for Philadelphia's WS%.

The Most Biased Fans in Baseball (Are Not Who You Think)

Every year, the integrity of the MLB All-Star vote is compromised by the unabashed biases of the voters. But this year, the most overzealous fans weren't who you'd think.

Star Power: An Objective Framework for MLB All-Star Voting

The All-Star vote gives us an unparalleled snapshot of the at-large MLB fanbase. What would the results look like if there weren't any biases involved?


DBACKS, in it to win it.

Diamondbacks vs Phillies coverageDiamondbacks vs Phillies coverageI attended several games in the 2001 Dback season. After attending the DBACK / ASTRO game Tuesday...and watching the come from...

How Many All-Star Votes Did MLB's Worst Players Get?

Major League Baseball told the world how many All-Star votes the game's best players got this year, but not the totals for the lowest vote-getters. In this article, find out approximately how many silly, silly people tried to send the league's worst players to the Midsummer Classic.

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