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McGowan interested in bringing AFL (back) to PDX?

Thought this was interesting...wouldn't mind if it actually happened.

Six years since saying bye to Ernest "Ernie" Ladd

On March 10, 2007, the pro wrestling world said goodbye to Ernest "Ernie" Ladd, who passed away at the age of 68 after a three-year battle with cancer. The Big Cat will never be forgotten.

Gay Aussie Footballer

Aussie Rules football player Jason Ball has come out of the closet publicly. He's using the opportunity to launch a change.org campaign to encourage the AFL to show an anti-homophobia ad at their...

Jason Akermanis column killed AFL players union efforts to combat homophobia

A 2010 newspaper column by Aussie Footballer Jason Akermanis (right) that ignited a firestorm against the athlete...was actually designed to combat homophobia. The column was designed to continue...

Aussie Rules Football chief Andrew Demetriou says league would embrace out gay player

Australian Football League chief executive Andrew Demetriou said at an anti-violence program that the league would stand with an athlete who decided to come out of the closet. Demetriou highlights...


A Young Fan's Opinion On Joe Namath

via broadwayjoe.tv I recently took the time to watch the HBO documentary Namath. I always knew Joe Namath was praised for his toughness, confidence, and gun-slinger mentality, but I did...

AFL Update: Vazquez, Martin, Huntzinger

Boston minor-league players extend their season with a stint in Arizona, playing for the Surprise Saguaros

99 for 99 - #44 - The Other Great Season

99 for 99 - #44 - The Other Great Season. The story of how Bowling Green, Delaware, Jim Tressel's Dad, Ernie Davis and Ralph Wilson made 1959 special, yet strangely unappreciated in Buffalo Bulls history.

Entire Arena Football team cut during pregame meal at Olive Garden

I don't think even the writers at The Onion could have written something so funny.


Broncos Draft Picks That Happened... But Didn't

As you probably know, in pre-merger times most star players were drafted by both an AFL team and an NFL team and had the choice to sign with either. While players were drawn to the bright lights of...

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