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Accuscore Gives Sox 17%


Although I'm not a huge proponet of Accuscore (or Yahoo sports), I thought it was interesting that after the 11 game winning streak, they still have us at only a 17% chance to get in the playoffs. I think we're going to need AL wins, cheifly in the Central, to get any sort of real playoff percentage. Oh, being in 1st place might help too.

An outside-the-box plan for realignment -- ESPN


Never gonna happen, but I thought this was in interesting proposal.

Neyer: White Sox not in AL Central conversation


The Tigers might be fine if they don't do a thing. If the Twins don't catch them, who will?

ESPN: McAdam: Sizing up the division races

AL Central: The White Sox play 16 of their next 19 games at home, but they'd better take advantage while they can, because the schedule maker has them playing 10 of their final 13 away from Chicago. If the Twins can survive through the first week of September, they should be in good position. But first comes the hard part: 20 of their next 29 are away from the Metrodome, including, in a genuine quirk of the schedule, two visits to Seattle in the span of 22 days.

Shrewd Offseason Has Paid Off on the South Side


Essentially a watered-down BP piece by Christina Kahrl in the NY Sun

Reinsdorf: I think we'll win Central


"I think we're going to win the division,'' said a very cheerful Reinsdorf, even before Joe Crede hit his second game-winning homer in five days. "After that, who knows? The goal is to get in (the playoffs) and take your chances. "I think this team can compete. You never know about injuries and all that, but I like the club.''

MLB Band List, Part II: American League - The Good Phight

Chicago White Sox are Warren Zevon: With a smaller, devoted fan-base, toiled for years in relative obscurity compared to their contemporaries (Cubs; Jackson Browne). Sordid pasts (Black Sox; drugs). Briefly moved to the forefront of cultural landscape with 1980s sports films (Field of Dreams / Eight Men Out; The Color of Money). Ultimately had the last laugh (2005 World Series; The Wind). Cleveland Indians are Parliament-Funkadelic: Detroit Tigers are Johnny Cash: Kansas City Royals are Pat Boone: Minnesota Twins are Prince: bumped to FP so we could kill some time before gametime

Phil Rogers' AL Central team predictions


Indians -- 93-69. Tigers -- 91-71, wild card White Sox -- 79-83 Twins -- 72-90 Royals -- 70-92 Also: Awards predictions

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