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Brushing Up On Kyle Davies


A scouting report on Kyle Davies using pitch f/x.

Brushing Up On Scott Feldman


HUPGOOD PECOTA card Fangraphs card If you're like me, you didn't know this guy existed prior to about 3pm.  That makes it difficult to know exactly what to make of the differences between t...

Brushing Up On Gavin Floyd


Gavin is quite clearly a source of uncertainty amongst SSS faithful.  We didn't decide definitively what we think of him and it's for good reason.  The same potential that got him drafted in the...

A Rapid Investigation Of Matt Harrison


He has a pedigree, as he was KG's number 2 prospect in the Braves system in 2007, achieving what he then called "very good prospect" status.  Jumping forward to 2008, he fell to a "3 star" (thanks...

Brushing Up On Kevin Millwood


HUPGOOD Fangraphs card PECOTA card Millwood is a little bit boring.  He doesn't have strikeout stuff and there really isn't anything he does that makes this intrepid blogger shout.  It's...

Brushing Up On Zach Greinke


HUPGOOD PECOTA card Fangraphs card Ah, finally, a plus fastball.  It's probably the pitcher in me, but the guys who can really bring it are the ones I like watching best.  Greinke is one of...

Brushing Up On Brian Bannister


HUPGOOD Fangraphs card PECOTA card When you look at his fangraphs card (and I suggest everyone do so), you see nothing really there to like other than the low walk rate and the decent HR/9. ...

Brushing Up On Joe Blanton


HUPGOOD PECOTA card Fangraphs card THT card Blanton is an interesting pitcher.  As his charts show, he, seemingly, has no above average pitch.  He's got the lowest K rates across the board...

Brushing Up On CC Sabathia


Hooray! We get to face him one last time before Mark Shapiro bends to the avalanche of calls and swaps him out of the AL Central for good! Back to being late! HUPGOOD THT PF/x Primer BP PECOTA...

Brushing Up On Cliff Lee


HUPGOOD skipping everything else to make a train to get down to the game LATER DUDES Cliff Lee has been a badass this year.  And he's more than respectable.  But he's not going to dominate...

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