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White Sox Smartly Silent on International Signing Day


The White Sox don't figure to make any splashes during the international signing period. They're not in a position to do so.

Wilder Bilked Money from Sox to Fund his Struggling Gay Bar


As Wilder was ascending through the Sox organization, he was pursuing a costly dream of owning a nightclub in Phoenix, where he lives. According to documents obtained by the Tribune, Wilder in November 2006 opened a night spot, Club Burn, that operated "at a great loss" despite being voted Phoenix's top gay bar in 2007. Records show it lost about $570,000 in a matter of months and closed its doors in January 2008. In a brief telephone interview, Wilder disputed how much money he lost on Club Burn. He declined to discuss the allegations that cost him his Sox job and then hung up the phone. He has not responded to numerous messages since. His attorney also declined to comment. Wilder at one point owned six homes in the Phoenix area before selling two, according to records. Records also show he made about $185,000 in 2007. Last month, Wilder filed a petition with Family Court in Arizona seeking to lower his child support payments. He indicated he was making $7.25 an hour, or roughly $15,000 a year.

MLB bonus probe targeting 'handful' of teams


Sources also told ESPN that the investigation is expected to implicate roughly 20 people on "a handful" of teams before it is complete. Investigators also have expanded their probe into Venezuela, where many major league clubs have player academies. "Things are coming to a head," one source familiar with MLB's investigation said. Four MLB investigators returned to the United States from the Dominican last week and are preparing a report for the commissioner's office. One source briefed on MLB investigators' findings said he believed "less than a half-dozen" teams would be implicated, including the Yankees, Red Sox, Nationals and White Sox. The scandal began to break in March when Wilder, then the scouting director for the White Sox, was stopped in Miami by U.S. Customs officials while trying to bring about $40,000 in cash back from the Dominican Republic. Sources said Wilder, who has not been criminally charged, has been cooperating with the FBI. He and two scouts were fired by the White Sox in May. Wilder and others have been accused of inflating the value of some Dominican prospects, then demanding a kickback from the players' families once the players were signed.

Skimming now a federal case for baseball - Los Angeles Times

An article on the shady goings on the DR, including the following nuggets: Several baseball sources, all of whom said their jobs would be jeopardized if they spoke on the record about a federal investigation, say at least one general manager has already come under suspicion. One National League executive, who insisted on anonymity, said he offered a $60,000 bonus to a prospect a couple of years ago only to have the buscon demand 10 times that much. Three months later, the executive said, the player signed with another team for more than $1.5 million." "You think in three months a guy can improve by $1 million?" he said. "Something funny must have happened there. It's not only the buscones. The first case was the Chicago White Sox. And you will see in the future, other names are going to be coming out.

On the Wilder Fiasco


A Quick Recap Last Friday, taking a page out of the maybe they'll ignore it if we release this on Friday Bush Administration's book, the White Sox announced the firing of player personnel...

Wilder details leaked?


Here is the concept of what was going on (and no, this is not something that happens throughout the industry - and the Chicago White Sox did not "find this out and report it to MLB." It was found out by MLB & reported to the White Sox through arrests & warrants). Dave Wilder and his staff were in control of California (most of the Western part of the USA), and all Latin American operations (including Cuba, etc.). Wilder signed many (MANY!) latin-americans to rather large contracts (+ $100,000) who had no representation in the latin-countries. Now - for anyone who knows and understands latin scouting - there are almost ZERO players without latin representation (meaning - players in these countries are in academies run by agents from these countries who then sell players off to MLB teams to put in their own academies). Now - when a player has no representation - there is generally a reason, i.e., they're terrible. Now - what happened was this: Wilder would find these players and sign them for a large amount of money (as mentioned above) and then take their money as their "agent." Now - he had to get permission to pass these players off & what he was doing was supplying these players with fake birth cerficates taking as many as 5 years off their age & also supplying them with HGH & steroids (even as they were in MiLB). He was then taking this money and putting it into an off-shore account, taking the maximum amount possible at any given time and washing it through a business he opened up in Arizona that rehabs houses.

Alexei Ramirez' First HR Overshadowed by Firings, Federal Investigation


It seems appropriate that Alexei Ramirez, who fled Cuba for the Dominican Republic last fall before signing with the Sox this winter, hit his first major league home run on the same day, just hours...

Cowley Twitters: Dave Wilder Fired


White Sox announce that Sr. Director of Player Personnel, Dave Wilder, has been fired, and is being investigated by MLB for scouting practices in Latin America.

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