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More Magic from Dave Cameron


Owens has been the focus of scorn and derision from White Sox fans who had to endure Ozzie Guillen’s attempts to make him an everyday player, which he simply isn’t cut out for. However, as a fourth outfielder, Owens is actually a useful player. His defense is a real positive at all three spots and he’s a very good base stealer. He doesn’t have any power, but he’s an excellent contact hitter who is willing to draw a walk from time to time, so he won’t kill you at the plate. For a team with a lumbering corner outfielder who could use a pinch runner/defensive caddy, Owens is a good use of a roster spot.

Owens Opts for Free Agency


Jerry Owens refused assignment to Charlotte and instead opts for free agency.

Pods Up, Nix Activated, BA to DL, Owens to AAA


Sox make 4 moves: promote Scott Podsednik from AAA, activate Jayson Nix from DL, put Brian Anderson on DL and send Jerry Owens to AAA.

Injury-Prone Dewayne Wise Hurt Again


After making a diving catch, it appeared Wise hurt his right shoulder. Brian Anderson replaced him in CF. Update: According to Mark Gonzales, Wise has a separated right shoulder and is headed to the DL. Likely out four-six weeks. Owens the favorite to be the replacment.

Chuck Knoblauch Finally Kills Olbermann's Mom

Marie Olbermann, 1929-2009 My mother passed away Saturday night. My mother was one of the best-known baseball fans in this country. She attended Yankees from 1934 through 2004, and she watched or listened to every one she didn't go to, up until last month. My guess is, she went to at least 1500 of them, most in Box 47E in the suddenly "old" Yankee Stadium. [O]n June 17th, 2000, when the sudden, and growing, inability of the ill-fortuned second baseman Chuck Knoblauch to make any kind of throw, easy or hard, to first base, culminated in him picking up a squib off the bat of Greg Norton of the White Sox and throwing it not back towards first, but, instead, off the roof of the Yankees' dugout where it picked up a little reverse english and smacked my mother right in the bridge of her glasses.

Newspapers are dying, and baseball fans are suffering


Another great service beat writers provide fans is humanizing the players, telling us about their personalities and their backstories. They make the players more than simply numbers on the field. Could bloggers provide the same information if given proper access? Yes, certainly. But the more important question is whether they could afford the financial demands of daily access. It would be challenging enough for bloggers just to carve out the necessary eight-hour time slot to use that access at home games. Could they also pay the staggering lodging, travel and food expenses for 81 road games plus spring training?

Ozzie Guillen Would Like to Die on the Field


"I hope I die on the field," he says. "I hope when I walk to change the pitcher, I drop dead and that's it. I know my family would be so happy that it happened on the field. They wouldn't feel bad because that's what I've always wanted to do. "You die on the field — good luck, get him out of here, next man."

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