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Is Mark Buehrle Healthy? Sox Say Yes


Mark Buehrle will not make his scheduled start in Thursday’s game against Arizona. But before the conspiracy theorists continue pointing fingers in the direction of the White Sox southpaw and his health, the club went out of its way to explain the change in Buehrle’s updated pitching calendar. "We’re going to take care of Buehrle, meaning we’re not going to pile up innings, we’re not going to pile up work," pitching coach Don Cooper said Tuesday morning. "He’ll be in line for the opener [on April 6]."

White Sox News: Cooper getting the best medicine 'on DL'


"We are putting him on the DL today," said Williams of Cooper. "The great thing is coaches can coach on the DL. The other great thing is when you are in that poor of shape to begin with, your rehab doesn't have to be that extensive. Basically, we are trying to get him to the point where he can climb five steps." Cooper strained his left hamstring in the visitors' dugout at Dodger Stadium late in Thursday's game during an angry reaction to an umpire's no-call of a checked swing in the seventh inning. Cooper was ejected, and when he went to throw down his pitch counter, he slipped on the follow-through and suffered the injury. From that point moving forward, Cooper has been the target of good-natured teasing from pretty much everyone on the team. Reliever Octavio Dotel was cruising near the dugout on a scooter that had "Cooper 21" on it, and Williams explained how they were trying to get some leg work involved in Cooper's rehabilitation that currently centered on moving the television remote up and down. Paul Konerko, the White Sox first baseman, could be leaving on his own injury rehab assignment Sunday to test a strained left oblique muscle. He doesn't expect Cooper to accompany him to Triple-A Charlotte. "Coop said his rehab will last five years because the program is to lay around and do nothing," said Konerko, in perfect deadpan form. "He's pre-habbing since he's been with the White Sox. It's amazing that happened, because he's been pre-habbing. You just hate to see a pitching coach go down like that." "Let me tell you something, it was about an eight-hour laugh, and at one point I almost felt sorry for him for the abuse he was taking," Williams added. "If it were anyone else, we probably would have had some sympathy, but it was Coop." ...

What the heck is Loaiza throwing and why is he on a major league mound?


Maybe you pitch f/x guys can chime in. Remember when Loaiza was throwing a nasty 92 mph cut fastball? Anyway, as far as I can tell, he was throwing a 76-79 mph fastball tonight and a 73 mph changeup or some kind of breaking pitch. He looked like he was throwing underwater. The slowest fastballs I recall ever seeing in my 30 years of watching baseball were all from left-handers. Jim Abbott at the end of his career could not break 80, and of course Moyer throws a fastball in the high 70’s and low 80’s I think. I don’t recall ever seeing a RHP throwing slow than around 82-83. I think Nagy was around 82 at the end of his career. My rule of thumb has always been that once a RHP dips below around 84-85, he is done. Maddux is of course an exception because he has pinpoint control that few pitchers have ever had. But even he throws at 85 now and he is not that good. Once he gets to 82-83, he will be done as well. What the heck is Loaiza doing? Or should I say what the heck is Ozzie and Kenny Williams doing? Pitch F/X charts here

Buehrle to Start Backend of Double Header

Mark Buehrle lobbied manager Ozzie Guillen and pitching coach Don Cooper on Saturday morning to pitch the night portion of Saturday's doubleheader. The conversation went from "Don't even talk to us about it," said Buehrle with a smile, to Buehrle getting the nod and Nick Masset moving back to long relief.

Cooper: No need to mess with rotation


It had been building for Don Cooper over the last week. So on Tuesday, he finally vented about it. The White Sox pitching coach was fed up with what he felt was ''nitpicking'' with the starting rotation -- a rotation that entered Tuesday's series opener with New York with a 6-2 record and 1.44 ERA over the previous nine games. What seemed to bother Cooper the most was a notion that the order of the rotation would change again May 1, the Sox' next day off. They have moved pitchers around twice in the first three weeks, mostly to keep the regimented Javier Vazquez on a regular schedule. What they were looking to avoid was having lefties Mark Buehrle and John Danks pitch on back-to-back days. Cooper's question: Why? ''People never talk about separating righties,'' Cooper said. ''Is that because there are more righties? I don't know the answer. But who is the guy that says we have to separate them? ''Let's just say, hypothetically, if you had Sandy Koufax and Warren Spahn, would you separate them? I don't know. All I know is the guys are doing good, so why mess with anything?''

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