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SSS fantasy baseball is back!

Pitchers & catchers have reported, and now it's your turn. This will be the sixth consecutive year of the current incarnation of the SSS fantasy leagues, and in all likelihood, the fourth...


SSS Fantasy Baseball: One month in the books

 SSS1 has the two teams that have met in the finals both of the previous years out in front with the fightin' illini, while KenWo, Rhubarb, and onlysoxfaninboston/basil bringing up the rear in...


SSS Fantasy Draft is Ova

So here's the deal, E-gus broke the damn site with all of his unclosed tables. So I had to delete what he wrote, and spend at least 75 words saying why fantasy results are no longer here....

Carlos Quentin Complete's [sic] Me!


It's about time I set the record straight, I have an extreme man-crush on Carlos Quentin for the 2009 Fantasy Baseball season. I'm not going to lie, it's a strong feeling and at times, it may make my wife a bit jealous. You see, I have to try to stop bringing Carlos' name up at the dinner table or when we're out running errands, but if there was one player with monster upside you could count on, it's Carlos Quentin. I have said recently that I love the potential of Quentin and I have already drafted Quentin quite early in the two expert mock drafts like the 2009 CBS League of Champions Expert League Draft and the 2009 Fantasy Man's Early Bird Expert Mock Draft. Quentin even slipped to me in the 3rd round of Mock Draft Central's first 2009 Expert Draft. With this post, I wanted to justify why I believe in Quentin for those who still don't agree.

Tango: Fantasy Dollars, 2008


Fantasy Dollars, 2008 Some prices,full list at the link: 42 SS Ramirez Hanley 40 SS Reyes Jose 39 3B Rodriguez Alex 37 3B Wright David 35 LF Holliday Matt 35 SS Rollins Jimmy 33 3B Cabrera Miguel 33 1B Pujols Albert 31 LF Crawford Carl 30 RF Guerrero Vladimir 30 SS Jeter Derek 30 2B Utley Chase 29 CF Suzuki Ichiro 28 CF Sizemore Grady 36 Santana Johan 34 Peavy Jake 29 Sabathia C.C. 28 Webb Brandon 24 Halladay Roy 23 Beckett Josh 23 Hamels Cole 23 Lackey John 23 Harang Aaron 22 Young Chris 22 Haren Danny 22 Zambrano Carlos Nonpitchers ended up with 69% of the salaries. --------------------------------- Why are hitters valued a lot more than pitchers? Is Shields not among the top because he plays on the Rays?

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