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Crisp Rumor Hardly Fresh


The White Sox are interested in Coco Crisp, according to his agent.


Fixing Free Agent Compensation

A look at MLB's broken free agent compensation system, and an attempt to fix it.

No Sign & Trade in works with Orlando Cabrera


I spoke to a member of the A's front office who is doubtful that deals of this nature will be allowed to go through because they so clearly run counter to specific rules. And Oakland is not considering trying to orchestrate such a deal with the White Sox to try to get shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who is also a Type-A free agent. For one thing, the A's would lose a second-round pick to Chicago rather than a first-round pick if they were to sign Cabrera, and the source told me that losing a second-rounder is not something that would squash a deal.The A's aren't concerned with it at all. Cabrera's wish for a $9 million-plus salary, though? That could kill things.

Shadows Searching in the Night


The 2005 White Sox are looking for, and in one case, finding, work. Don't stop believing.

Ozzie Guillen Talked to Bobby Abreu


"The interest exists, but other teams have also shown interest," he said. "Bob will decide with whom he will play. He needs to choose a contract that allows him to play many years in the major leagues."

White Sox Off-Season Goal Becoming Clear


The White Sox are looking to move Jermaine Dye and/or Javier Vazquez for young pitching and a young FAST center fielder

Dayan Viciedo is a Free Agent, On White Sox Wish List


Dayan Viciedo, "Cuba's Top Teen Talent," has been declared a free agent. The White Sox might have the inside track to signing the youngster.

Kenny Williams Would Like to Lower Your Free Agent Expectations


The front office has taken notice. They've seen your 900 I Want A Pony posts, dreaming of big name free agents, your 3-for-1 swaps for that healthy All-Star pitcher. They'd like you to take a step...


Twins Eying Cabrera, Cowley Flinging Poop

I've avoided writing about off-season type stuff for obvious reasons--we have better things to discuss, after all--but this one just has too many fun elements to pass up. Joe Christensen, "the...

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