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Local Nightmare Over: Greg Walker resigns


Some of the rough times were more public than Walker would have wanted. His run-in with Guillen in 2008 was well-documented as was his shouting match with general manager Kenny Williams this season in what was believed to be about Williams' public criticism of Beckham's approach at the plate. Walker got through it all, mainly because he wanted to do the best job he could for Reinsdorf. Walker not only got a chance to play for Reinsdorf's White Sox team, but coach it as well. And there was Walker's life-threatening seizure in 1988 during batting practice. Reinsdorf quietly paid for much of Walker's medical bills at the time. So as Walker talked Wednesday, the emotions of his last day on the daily grind with his second family got the best of him. He said he didn't know what he might do next, but hasn't ruled out returning to baseball at some point and even returning to the White Sox in some capacity. Walker and Reinsdorf will sit down in a week and talk about the future. i probably da man, but whatever.

Dewayne Wise Does Not Subscribe to Greg Walker's Back-of-the-Baseball-Card Theory


"I just pretty much blow stuff like [well-founded criticism] out the window to be honest with you. That’s where it belongs. Everybody has their own opinion and I’m not one to let that get me down. I know how [manager] Ozzie [Guillen] and my teammates feel about me, how they have confidence in me.’’ "I guess they’re looking at previous years, or previous times where I was put out there on this level,’’ Wise said. "You know, 2000 or 2002, where they’re just looking on the back of my baseball card. It’s 2009 now, it’s not 2000, and I could care less what negativity people want to throw my way. I feel like I’m ready. "It might not have happened as quickly I was wanted it to, but now I’m ready.’’

Cora on Josh Fields: You'll be shocked


Camp Cora has been up and running throughout the winter, and the early progress reports have Josh Fields emerging as a leading candidate to "shock" the organization when he reports to spring camp in just over three weeks. The third baseman was criticized by Ozzie Guillen last season for what the White Sox manager felt were diminishing skills as the year went on, so after a clean-up surgery on his knee in the fall, Fields opted to make a trip to Florida recently and work with Guillen and bench coach Joey Cora in preparation for taking over for free agent Joe Crede. His goal? To make sure Guillen can’t criticize him — specifically his defense — any longer. "I talked to Joey [on Monday] and he said [Fields is] moving better by far than he’s ever moved," hitting coach Greg Walker said. "[Cora] said we’ll be shocked.

Greg Walker Stays Humble


CHICAGO -- If Greg Walker was a different sort of person, an individual who thrived on "I told you so's" or getting even, then he presently would walk by his legion of critics from earlier in the season with a big smirk. After all, Walker was in the eye of the storm where the White Sox offensive woes were concerned for seemingly all of last year and much of the first two months of the 2008 season. Those naysayers weren't quite as vocal, though, during June.

The [Perfect] Storm is back!


Paul Konerko knows it's not what people want to hear. They want to hear anger, they want to hear screams for change. Heck, after watching the White Sox' anemic offense this past week, they want someone's head. But there was the first baseman Saturday, calmly stating, ''We just have to weather the storm.''

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