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White Sox Keep On Winning But Lose Peavy


The White Sox continue to play like the best team in the AL Central, but the loss of Jake Peavy could kill their chances of taking home the division crown.

[Update] Bobby Jenks has MRI: No Structural Damage


An MRI on Bobby Jenks' right calf revealed inflammation but no structural damage, and the Chicago White Sox closer will try to pitch through the injury. "That's the odd part of the injury," Jenks said on Sunday. "They say it can't get any worse. It's like you have a sore arm and you're working through it." Jenks said he is OK when he is throwing the ball, but he feels some discomfort when he tries to pivot after delivering a pitch in order to field a ground ball or cover first base. "I irritated it the day I was supposed to throw," Jenks said. "As for the results of the MRI, it turns out it's a good report. There is some irritation in there but it's not structural damage."

The Day The White Sox Lost The Central: Part 2


Not much went right for the White Sox in Minnesota. Now with the trade deadline looming, it might be time to hurry up and stand pat.

Fewer players starting '09 on DL, MLB.com misses story


According to The Associated Press, the 2009 Major League season began Sunday evening with 69 players on the disabled list, a sharp reduction of injuries compared to 2008, when 106 players began the year on the DL, and 2007, when the number was 97. The only lower total since MLB expanded to 30 teams in 1998, according to the Commissioner's Office, which gave the information to the AP, was the 66 players who opened the season on the DL in 2006. These comparatively healthy Opening Day statistics seem to refute the notion that the recently completed second World Baseball Classic caused more injuries than a normal Spring Training. The inaugural Classic was played in 2006.

Marquez Hurt: If He Dies, He Dies. (Spoiler: He Lives)


By Mark Gonzales PHOENIX - Jeff Marquez left Friday's game in the seventh inning after tweaking his right hamstring. Marquez, competing for a spot on the Sox's staff, was covering first base when he reached for a throw and felt his leg tighten. Marquez went to the trainer's room and said he would talk after treatments.

Contreras to Pitch Sunday; Colon Monday


C&C Rehab Factory came through their 50 pitch bullpen sessions this morning unscathed. Contreras is now scheduled to go at least one inning against Seattle on Sunday while Colon is set to pitch Monday against KC. Cooper is quoted as saying it's still realistic for both to be ready for the opening day roster.

Paul Konerko Wants to Get Off to a Fast Start


"You have to be responsible for your year, despite what happened in April and May," Konerko said as he prepared to join the White Sox in spring training next week. "There were times early in the year that — especially like fastballs where I wasn't getting to places I usually get to — you kind of have that question, like, OK, is this because my hand hurts a little bit or just that time when you stop hitting those pitches like you used to?" he acknowledged. "I have always been a fastball hitter, so when you see yourself not hitting fastballs, that can weigh on you."

Paul Konerko's Injury Not Catastrophic, Still Bad


When Paul Konerko fell to the ground clutching his knee in the 5th inning, I thought the season was over. I thought he was lost for next season as well. I looked bad. He didn't want to put any...

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