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BC Turns Two


Two years ago today, a few alumni of UT’s fledgling graduate school of improv comedy – Sailor Ripley, HenryJames, and Scipio Tex – started posting on this strange new frontier known as Barking...

12th Man of the Day


In what I hope will become a re-occurring tribute to our drooling cousins in College Station, today we bring you BC's first honorary 12th Man of the Day, Judge Richard Posner. Idoit, I Am. Other...

Overheard on the Longhorn internets


On the thought of Vince Young returning for his senior season: All in all, the season ending issues against KSU and ag may not have happened the way they did [although with the pitiful shape the...

Overheard on the Longhorn internets


"Folks, there's a reason QBs never threw the ball to his (Ryan Palmer) side of the field this past year."

Overheard on the Longhorn internets


"Gideon also missed the tackle on Herron's TD run, but I really wonder whether the defensive coaches instructed the players to let them score the TD. Because with the little amount of time left on...

Overheard on the Longhorn internets


What stood out to me when I watched Rivals' highlight film on him is how quickly he gets off his block and onto the ball carrier. If you ever played D&D and know of the Blink spell, it's like that;...

The New Era of Sport Media is About To Begin


and it will have a network of sports blogs at its core. SB Nation, a consortium of regional blogs has raised a seven-figure sum of venture capital to secure a network of sporting blogs across the...

Plenty of other names for Clemson


Now that Tommy Bowden has been fired mutually agreed to step down at Clemson, we can look at potential candidates. Muschamp's name will surface for every job, but I don't think this is the one. ...

The NFL likes the interweb; the NCAA not so much


I found it interesting that on the same day that the Wall Street Journal runs an interview with Roger Goodell where he talks about simulcasting games on the web while they are being broadcast on TV...

Overheard on the Red Raider Internets


"...no you don't have to have a sack but you usually have to make a tackle..." Regarding the play of Tech sophomore DT Colby Whitlock after not recording a tackle in the EWU game. In a game where...

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