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Who's right in the Boras-Reinsdorf flap?


Scott Boras and Jerry Reinsdorf are both dealing in the facts in their dispute, but they seem to be talking about two completely different time periods.

'All In' strategy all on White Sox, not fans


Jerry Reinsdorf is pinning his hopes on White Sox fans showing up to U.S. Cellular Field. But the continual increase in ticket prices takes the decision away from a lot of White Sox fans.

Reinsdorf: Put Thomas in HOF


"I never saw Joe Jackson, he was a little before my time," Reinsdorf said by phone following Thomas' retirement from baseball. "I started following baseball in 1945 and the only right-handed hitter I've seen since then that I would put in the same class as Frank is [Cardinals' slugger] Albert Pujols. I can't imagine he doesn't get into the Hall of Fame right away." As for Thomas' legacy as a slugger never suspected of steroid use, Reinsdorf added, "He should have won a third MVP," referring to 2000, when Thomas was edged out in the balloting by Jason Giambi, who later admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs that season.

Chuck Garfien Interviews Jerry Reinsdorf


Chuck Garfien's infuriatingly permalink-free SoxDrawer has posted an equally infuriating unembedable video interview with White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. Congratulations on earning the link, CSN, too bad it won't be useful to anyone once Garfien chooses to post something new. It's well worth your click, even if what Reinsdorf has to say makes you dread the upcoming season.

Maybe Ozzie Guillen Might Have Thought About Maybe Quitting


Ozzie Guillen said something crazy and thought about quitting.

White Sox trying lock up GM Williams - SI.com


White Sox general manager Ken Williams is discussing a new contract with club owner Jerry Reinsdorf, SI.com has learned. Williams is said to be amenable to an extension, and people familiar with the talks expect a new deal to be consummated fairly soon. In an exceptional ode to privacy, Williams' contractual situation appears to be such a secret that it remains unknown when his current contract ends, though it's not believed to be expiring after this season. The extension is thought to be for multiple years. "I have never commented on my contract status. We have never announced any terms or length of any of my deals and most people around here have respected my desires to keep such things private,'' Williams said in an e-mail, declining once again to confirm any negotiation.

The Cubs, MLB, and a Cuban Missile Crisis

Murray Brown weighs in on how MLB avoids awarding the Cubs to Mark Cuban: The Cubs are an underutilized brand. Wrigley hasn’t been fully tapped. Cuban took the Mavericks, in a city where the Dallas Cowboys are somewhere short of religion, and made them a player in the NBA. After purchasing the Mavericks in 2000 for $200 million, Forbes valued them at $461 million, the sixth highest rated valued franchise in the NBA. What if Cuban decides to do the same with the Cubs? How do you think Jerry Reinsdorf would feel about that? The fact that the club that would be impacted the most by a Cuban winning bid is also owned by a man that knows Cuban through the NBA smacks of the ironic. Reinsdorf, who owns the White Sox, also owns the Chicago Bulls. How did Jerry vote on Cuban coming to the NBA? He said no. Where does Jerry sit in order of the ownership brethren? He’s as close to Bud Selig as one can get. Cuban getting through the door will not be easy, but not impossible. He’s been on record as saying he’s opposed to guaranteed contracts in the NBA. Imagine if he put his weight behind that concept in MLB?

Reinsdorf: I think we'll win Central


"I think we're going to win the division,'' said a very cheerful Reinsdorf, even before Joe Crede hit his second game-winning homer in five days. "After that, who knows? The goal is to get in (the playoffs) and take your chances. "I think this team can compete. You never know about injuries and all that, but I like the club.''

White Sox pitch youth tourney to exit Pima County contract | www.tucsoncitizen.com ®


Unable to find a team to take over their current lease at TEP, Jerry is throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. One thing has, at least temporarily, had some staying power; a year-round, nationally sanctioned youth baseball tournament.

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